Photoshop In-App Tutorial #1 And Welcome Back To Adobe πŸŽ¨πŸ–ŒοΈ

How’s it going, friends? I haven’t had much time to catch up with my artistic friends here for some time simply because life keeps getting in the way. However, I am still every bit the Adobe fan-girl and I try to use Adobe apps every day in one way or another.

That said, I haven’t done a tutorial or a tutorial review of any kind in a long while (since May) and I really want to get back to doing that. With the Christmas holidays just around the corner (I get 12 glorious days off!), I’d like to be whetting my artistic appetite before then so I can hit the ground running when I’m on holiday.

I figured I’d do something simple to start off with mostly because I enjoy going back to basics. And people seem to like my Adobe tutorial reviews (which is awesome!) 😊☺️

So this is simple but so cool at the same time for anyone who needs a refresher on how layers make up so much of what Photoshop is. Layers are at the core of everything in Photoshop. I remember the first thing I read about Photoshop when I started learning how to use it, and it has stayed with me since; “There is only one word to remember about photoshop, and that word is “layers”. I never understood what that meant back then. But looking back now, it was probably the best advice to receive regarding Photoshop. Little pearls of wisdom we receive and overlook on a daily basis can enrich us more than we realise 😊☺️

Photoshop In-App Tutorial #1
An example image of what we’ll be making

Photoshop has MANY tutorials online and so many people on YouTube give advice on how to become better at using it. I started focusing on Adobe Create magazine’s tutorials last year, but it seems Adobe Create no longer exists, and I’m not quite sure why. Adobe has now integrated a lot into their software directly connected to their hub, Adobe Creative Cloud. From there, you can do just about anything you want with Adobe’s products, including learning about how they work. So that’s where I’ll stay for a little while anyway.

Here’s my first basic tutorial review on what you can do with simple layer placements in Photoshop and a few edits with a soft brush:

Photoshop In-App Tutorial #1 – Work With Layers

To find this tutorial inside Photoshop, you need to go to the top menu where it says “Help”, click on that and then navigate to “Hands-on tutorials” and then click on “Orientation”. Have the two drop down menus set to “All Categories” and “All Skill Levels” for now, as in the image below:

Step 1 to finding the Photoshop In-App Basic Tutorials

The tutorial we’ll be looking at is right at the top called “Get to know the app”. Click on that, and then you’ll be presented with a blue “Start Tutorial” button. Click on that! Each of these steps will come up as a highlighted panel within Photoshop. This is great for beginners because you’ll know exactly where to go next as you progress through the tutorial.

Step 2 shows the tutorial blurb and panel.

Click through at your own pace – very important for learning. Don’t rush to the finish line; nobody is timing you.πŸ˜… Once you click on the second blurb, you’ll be asked to change the layers in the layers panel inside Photoshop to show just how powerful layers can be within this example image. One simple object altered in this image brings an entirely new “feel”. In the original image below, the “flower” layer is behind the woman:

Photoshop In-App Tutorial #1
Photoshop In-App Tutorial #1 – Pretty yellow colours and flowers to experiment with!

Moving the flowers above the “woman” layer significantly changes the image, as we’ve done below. The woman is no longer the primary focus in the image as the flowers become prominent too.

Photoshop In-App Tutorial #1
Photoshop In-App Tutorial #1 – Woah, that looks so different with one simple layer change!

The following two steps will help with learning how to navigate the menus. And you’ll know what the “eye” icon means next to the images in the layers panel. In the remaining steps, you will learn how to zoom into an image and use the eye dropper tool to select a foreground colour. And you’ll be able to navigate the simple tools menu even further by using the “hand” tool, the brush tool and the brush preset folder.

Eventually, you’ll be asked to use the brush tool to create a stunning yellow colour with your paintbrush set to “dissolve”. This small step will enhance the woman in this image even further! Here’s my completed image below. Does yours look any different?

Photoshop In-App Tutorial #1
Photoshop In-App Tutorial #1 – My final tutorial image

Final Summary:

Website: No website required – Photoshop In-app tutorial.

There is a PSD provided within the tutorial

Tutor: Adobe

Time: For brand new Photoshop artists, probably around 5-7 minutes.

Level: Beginner

Assets included: Yes, Adobe provides all assets within the tutorial.

Rating: 10/10 πŸ‘ Probably one of the most straightforward tutorials to do for beginners. The tutorial is paced wonderfully, so everyone can keep up. And if you make a mistake or want to change something, it’s as easy as stepping back within the tutorial. Just brilliant!

Thanks for reading and supporting me. Catch you in my next post, friends – stay safe out there and keep creating!

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