Star Wars Trivia #1 – Which One Would You Choose and Why?

I’ve been having loads of fun on Instagram asking everyone these trivia questions. I think I started something because now I can’t stop making them 😅😆 So welcome to Star Wars Trivia #1.

I’ve made a list of the worst Star Wars movies ranked from worst to best of the worst. I haven’t been game enough to post that one yet. I have seen how some fans react to trivia questions on Twitter. Let’s just say things can get heated pretty fast.

I’m not looking for drama. But I am genuinely intrigued about what the greater fandom thinks about these things which is why I’ve started asking questions. Plus Star Wars Trivia can be so much fun. I really enjoy reading everyone’s opinions.

So my friends, here is the first one of many I’ll be posting hopefully at least one a week depending on whether or not I run out of material to work with.

Star Wars Trivia #1
Star Wars Trivia #1

Here’s the question – out of these two star wars stories, which one is better and why? The object here is you have to choose so you can’t say “well I like both because”. I find it way more interesting when you have to make the hard decision and back it up with your reasons for choosing whatever you choose.

Let me know as always friends, what you think and what you choose and most importantly, why. Let’s chat and catch up in the comments!

Thanks for reading, stay safe out there and May The Force (and good Christmas vibes) Be With You ☃️❄️🌟

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6 thoughts on “Star Wars Trivia #1 – Which One Would You Choose and Why?

  1. I think Rogue One is the stronger film, but that’s all I’m gonna say, lol. I love both films, and it’s like comparing apples to oranges in some ways. But I yeah, I think Rogue One wins this one.


    1. Yeah, I really did want to see what people thought by comparing these two films because I’ve never seen anyone on social media do it before. Many people post similar things on socials, but I’ve never seen them ask this question. They are pretty different, as you point out. But again, the replies I’ve had so far kinda opened my eyes a little. They have given me a fresh perspective as well, which is excellent! I mean, someone replied with this “Rogue One, because the story is about sacrificing everything for something even greater than yourself”. And I think that summed it up quite nicely. Solo seemed more like a “fun adventure”, whereas Rogue One was every bit the serious movie about how war can impact lives and break people and their loved ones apart. I mean, Star Wars is still about war (amongst other things), and I felt Rogue One captured that amazingly.


      1. Agreed. I think because it’s a more “serious” movie that people tend to pick this one as “better.” And I agree with that. But I do love Solo, too, lol, so it’s hard to say which one I personally like better. You know me; I love them all!


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