SWTOR Update – 31 January 2022

Hello there, fellow Star Wars fans! Another SWTOR Update 31 January (feel free to tune on out if you’re not into SWTOR) 👍😊

So what has happened since my previous update? Well, quite a lot, actually! In my earlier post, I mentioned working towards Legendary status in the game, which involves completing all eight class missions. It’s a pretty big deal to do this (in my opinion) because it shows that you have mastered the basics of the game well enough to finish eight different playthroughs. I DO consider it a big deal because I’ve wanted this particular achievement ever since I can remember (a long time). And I am happy to say that I am still chipping away at all three storylines, with the Jedi Knight story very close to completion! 🥳🤩

I am also working on the others, and I am at or very close to the second chapter for the Smuggler storyline and the Trooper storyline. There are three chapters to each storyline, so about halfway. I am pretty happy about it because I’ve been so lazy in the past and promised myself I’d do it (and never did). Now, I am focused enough to do it – with no more “but’s…”


On the trading side of things, the game has all but halted to a complete stand-still for me. Without products to sell on the GTN, there is no way to make any credits within the game. I have never struggled this hard before. So I blame this entire thing on a) having too many nice things to sell and not selling them (totally me). And b) not having any new Cartel Market packs to buy because, for some reason, Bioware hasn’t released any in almost two months! Now it is getting very close to the launch of the new update (7.0). So I guess they’re not going to release anything new until then. HOWEVER – if they do, they might include the Dark Sabre in the new packs! And I am hoping so hard they do! 😍😍😍😅

I also thought I’d make a semi-regular TRADING only post a couple times a month. I’d like to discuss selling, trading and making credits in SWTOR.

Thanks for reading; keep safe, and I’ll catch you in the next post!

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