Star Wars Is Poetry – Comic Book Update: The Mandalorian Comic Adaptation

Hello, my Star Wars friends! It has been a wee while since I updated everyone on life on the Darkside (recently, it’s pretty dark :(). But this is an update worthy of a post, so comic book fans (and Mandalorian fans) should be rejoicing!

Star Wars dot com recently announced the launch of The Mandalorian comic book adaptation from Marvel. Marvel and Star Wars often come together in the comic book area, so it’s nothing new really. But it’s a first for The Mandalorian getting his own comic book adaptation!

Check out the excellent cover:


As it’s a comic book adaptation of the show, there won’t really be a whole lot to tell if you’ve already seen the Disney Plus series. However, sometimes they (writers) change things up a little in comics, even if they’re adaptations, so there’s that to look forward to! Plus, everyone loves Din Djarin – I mean, he is really popular with fans, so I imagine A LOT of people will be buying this comic. I’m not sure if I will review it myself (assuming it doesn’t sell out first, which is quite likely). I guess there will always be an online version somewhere (usually), so that’s always an option.

I am thinking of buying a yearly subscription to Star Wars Insider magazine in other book-related news. In fact, I am pretty close to signing up, so I’ll be reviewing content in those magazines too! The Star Wars Insider magazines are well-known to the fandom as they’ve been around for quite a while now. These magazines are official Star Wars magazines, so it’s a good move for me. I have various Star Wars Insider magazines of my own already, and I bought some “special edition” copies a while back that featured the best of Star Wars Insider for a specific period. But I want to expand on my collection, so this is the best way to do that. Plus, I adore their covers (I am a massive sucker for comic book and book covers, and now that includes magazines) 😁


Book information:


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8 thoughts on “Star Wars Is Poetry – Comic Book Update: The Mandalorian Comic Adaptation

  1. Hi there Julie, hope your troubles aren’t too bad but as I told our friend Neo, you know how to contact me if you need an ear to vent into – I’m a good reader!
    I like that Mando cover, it looks like his rifle has my recent lightsaber design screwed onto the barrel 😂
    And in a little bit of news from me, I may soon be in possession of a new saber which I have been gifted! It’s on the way to my home now so I’ll be able to share a few more details in the next week or two!


    1. Ahh hey there FT! Long time no speak 🙂 Oh my life is going through some serious turmoil right now. My mother is seriously ill in hospital right now so my partner and I are struggling to stay focused on anything else but her. Thankfully we are both on leave for the next 8 days so we’ve been spending a lot of time at the hospital just wishing and hoping she gets better soon. Thanks for asking. And can’t wait to hear all about your new saber 🙂


      1. Oh Dang, well I wish your mother all the best and hope she gets well. My mother in law has just moved into residential care so it’s been an emotional time here too so I can sort of empathise with you.
        Regards the saber gift, I just tested the tracking info I was given and it is with USPS in San Diego – so it’s on it’s way.
        Anyhoo remember you can contact me through my email if you need/want – I check it multiple times a day OK. MTFBWY and your folks.


  2. Hi Julie, sorry to hear about your Mom, hope she gets better soon. I’ve subscribed to Insider Magazine for the past year now, and it’s a great magazine. I need to renew my subscription, actually, lol. The Mando comic looks great, but I probably won’t be getting it. I did order some High Republic comics recently, and can’t wait to dig into those!


    1. Heya and thank you 🙂 Yeah it’s been a rough few days for me not knowing what is happening with Mum. I hate hospitals so for me to even go into them puts me on edge. Jeremy and I are just taking each day as it comes and hopefully, she’ll recover soon so we can get her back home 🙂 Not sure what I’m going to do about work if she isn’t better by the time I go back. I could end up leaving my brand new job lol. I guess we’ll see 🙂

      STAR WARS INSIDER yayyyy Yeah I am definitely signing up probably today. I can’t wait to start collecting the covers and reading all the background info on everything STar Wars 😀 I also read about the High Republic stuff coming out, I think there is a lot of it. Did you read about the TV show that they MIGHT be making for it? Just a rumour at this point but I thought that was an interesting one 🙂


      1. Yeah the Acolyte is as far as I know not related to anything we’ve seen yet. Which makes it very exciting. And I guess the term “Acolyte” doesn’t refer to a light side person either lol since we know that is a padawan. There have been some nice releases for THR so far, quite a few books and comics as well. Live action might be a wee way off but I’m sure it’ll happen eventually 🙂


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