Social Media and Blogging Update #7 – The One About Instagram

Hi, there, dear readers! I hope your week is going well so far. 😁😊 It has been four whole months since I did any kind of social media/blogging update on this blog. In that four months, I’ve had a few “interesting” experiences with social media, and there’s one in particular that I want to blog […]

Star Wars is Poetry – Star Wars Honours Trans Day of Visibility

Good morrow, my Star Wars friends! Today is Friday for me in Aotearoa because it is the end of my working week before I go on a nice four-day-long break over Easter. And I was thinking of my next post. I saw this AMAZING THING ON INSTAGRAM: The first transgender acknowledgement from the official STAR […]

Two Social Media Milestones to Celebrate!

I enjoy blogging about social media such as the highs and lows and trying to navigate through the complexity of social media success and failure. And I have blogged about social media in the past and received really positive feedback for most of those posts. So it seems that social media is a timely topic, […]

Testing Hashtags on Instagram – Part 4

Part Four of testing Instagram hashtags finds me using apps like Tagify to generate popular hashtags

Testing Hashtags on Instagram – Part 3

Testing hashtags on Instagram is yielding some interesting results, read all about it in my post