Photoshop In-App Tutorial #1 And Welcome Back To Adobe 🎨🖌️

How’s it going, friends? I haven’t had much time to catch up with my artistic friends here for some time simply because life keeps getting in the way. However, I am still every bit the Adobe fan-girl and I try to use Adobe apps every day in one way or another. That said, I haven’t […]

The Complete Photoshop Manual Tutorial #1- Transparency From Blend 🎨🖌️

As promised dear readers here is another Photoshop tutorial from yours truly. I am well into my end-of-year holiday period (still seven days to go!). And as promised, I wanted to up my game a little on this blog with Adobe tutorials. So I’ve done a whole heap of them some of which I’ll be […]

Adobe Photoshop Art Update – When Art Gets Abandoned

Hello creativity lovers! A quick break from Star Wars content for this post so I can finally update my blog with the art I’ve been making over the last few weeks. For anyone who is here purely for the Star Wars content, do not fret, my friends! This blog celebrates Star Wars AND creativity, so […]

Adobe Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop for Beginners: Retouching With the Photoshop Healing Brush

After finishing off Smart Objects in the last post, we are now moving onto using Transform and Wrap and getting very close to the end of this course!

Adobe Photoshop My Star Wars Gifs and Edits Star Wars Star Wars Art

Adobe Photoshop – Kylo Ren Art

This started out as a tutorial review but the tutorial became a little annoying with the instructions not making much sense (steps missing etc) and I kind of gave up on it half-way through. That said, I used part of the tutorial because I liked the initial image result and then added the rest to […]