Social Media and Blogging #8 – Pinterest Tricks and an Update

Happy Weekend blogging, friends! It’s that time again – a blogging and social media post from yours truly. For anyone who is here solely for the Star Wars content, do not fear! I only post one of these types of posts every few months (sometimes as long as six months apart), and we’ll be returning […]

Personal Social Media

Social Media and Blogging Update #1

Hello Star Wars friends and creative types! I have realised that I’ve sorely neglected to blog about the social media landscape and blogging in general. And yes, this is a star wars blog primarily, but I like to deviate from that to keep things interesting every now and then. How many times have you read […]

Social Media and Blogging Update #5 – Pinterest and IFTTT

Until Pinterest had made their change to saved pin statistics on their website, I had spent many hours trying to find a social media solution to my problem. I tried to research ways to automatically send any pin I pin on Pinterest to my Instagram account. But this is an impossible task unless you do […]

Social Media and Blogging Update #4 – SEO

Today’s post is going to be a bit of a downer mostly because I felt like I needed to vent and this is the perfect place for it since it relates to SEO and blogging. Do you know how frustrating SEO can be? I can’t even tell you the half of it lol 😭 because […]

Social Media and Blogging Update #3 – Introducing Linktree

Hello fellow readers, bloggers and social media lovers! It seems a lot is going on at my end in terms of social media adventures. A lot more is happening than I expected so while I am on a “social media” roll, I am blogging about it as I go which seems like the best thing […]