Star Wars Trivia – Did You Know #11

It’s Star Wars Trivia time again! I hear you all clapping and cheering out there lol – who doesn’t want to know more about a galaxy far, far away? 😁😅 So apparently the word “Wookiee” was originally spelt with only one ‘e’ during the 1976 novelisation of A New Hope! Pretty cool huh? To be […]

Star Wars Trivia #1 – Which One Would You Choose and Why?

I’ve been having loads of fun on Instagram asking everyone these trivia questions. I think I started something because now I can’t stop making them 😅😆 So welcome to Star Wars Trivia #1. I’ve made a list of the worst Star Wars movies ranked from worst to best of the worst. I haven’t been game […]

Star Wars Trivia – Which Skywalker Are You?

So I saw this on social media and I did the quiz right through to the end. And I think this will be fun to see where my readers end up being and who they end up as in the first quiz: QUIZ: WHICH MEMBER OF THE SKYWALKER FAMILY ARE YOU? Via star wars dot […]

Star Wars Trivia – Did You Know #8

Here’s another piece of interesting Star Wars Trivia for you all! It’s quite amazing the things you can find out about something if you go looking – the internet is a treasure trove of information on star wars trivia. Keep looking out for more, I’ll be posting these as regularly as I can to try […]

Star Wars Trivia – Did You Know #10

More interesting facts coming from the books I’m reading and I’m basically just highlighting the best stuff and turning into Star Wars Trivia for my blog 🙂 Can you imagine what star wars would have looked like without Luke Skywalker and Leia as the main character? I would love to see someone attempt to make […]