State of the Game: SWTOR The Forgemaster’s Armour Set

I’ve been playing SWTOR off and on since it released and I’ve blogged about it at various times on this blog when I was going through “gaming” phases. I guess I’m back there again because I really miss blogging about SWTOR armour and the comparison posts I used to do so I’m going to try […]

SWTOR B400 Cybernetic Armour Set: Bronze Armour Set of the Week

Welcome back, SWTOR friends! I’ve decided to revisit these armour posts again because they were enjoyable to do! So back in 2018 (a long time, I know, lol), I regularly posted about armour in SWTOR. It was dear to my heart, and I continue to trade in armour to this day. In fact, next to […]

SWTOR Update – The Most I’ve Ever Spent on One Armour Set😲😬

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated my blog about Star Wars the Old Republic even though I play almost every day. When I say I play though I mean I log on and I spend time on the GTN and updating my inventory lists when I trade. I’ve been an avid trader off […]

SWTOR: Armour Comparison #3 – Juhani’s Armour Set

Recently I posted some info on Juhani, the Cathar Jedi from both Star Wars the Old Republic and KoTOR. It seems my link to this armour is still very much a thing as I discovered today playing one of my alternate characters. This character was originally decked out in Juhani’s armour in bright pink and […]

SWTOR: Armour Comparison #02 Gav Daragon Armour Set

It’s SWTOR Armour Comparison time again where I take a random armour set from the game and compare it to examples taken from other star wars media such as comics, film, books etc. Did the SWTOR creators get it right or did they make a complete mess of an otherwise perfectly good set of armour? […]