Tutorial reviews are proving to be a taxing experience

As you know, one of the things I love to do on my blog is tutorial reviews of Adobe products, mostly using Photoshop but I plan to venture out into other areas as well including Illustrator and Adobe After Effects (assuming I can find tutorials that work).

Well, I had two tutorial reviews all lined up to do, and I spent so much time trying to find assets for these particular tutorials that I ended up not doing anything at all. I was extremely frustrated, to say the least. The reason why this process is so frustrating is because a lot of the tutorials I choose are older tutorials where the assets used to make the end product are no longer available. This makes it a much more taxing experience and particularly time consuming which is the most annoying part. Trying to find matching images that will look as good in the end result is much more difficult than you would think, and when you finally do find the right image, you can’t use it for free, you have to pay for it.

So for now, my edits will have to do until I can find a tutorial I can actually review on the Adobe site or via Design Tuts.

Here’s a quick edit I did of Kylo Ren from The Last Jedi taken from the Topps trading card Chrome Edition – you would be amazed at how beautiful some of the Topps cards are, although this one I’m pretty sure is just a screenshot of Adam Driver from the film

My Edit:


And the original image:



PiXimperfect Tutorial – Luke Skywalker Edit – A New Hope

I wanted to apply this colour grading tutorial to a stunning image of Luke Skywalker in A New Hope, but I wanted the image to be of just Luke. So I edited out C3-P0 and the annoying branding which was pretty easy to do and voila! Luke was ready for adjustments.

Here is the before image:


And here is the after image:


Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he6HCZz5bZ8

Time: 20 minutes

Level: Intermediate

Comment: There is so much you can learn from playing with colours, adjustment layers and adding shadows and highlights to an image. Unmesh takes you through a colour grading tutorial on an image which you can see above looks pretty washed out and dull to begin with but just comes to life after the editing has been done. I hoped to achieve the same effect with the image I edited of Luke, and I think it came out OK. I even created edits with masking on the eyes to bring out Luke’s pretty blue eyes a little more.

Rating: 10/10

Now the image is ready for social media posts or just about anywhere really.

PiXimperfect Duotone Preset Tutorial – Rey – The Rise of Skywalker Edit

I’m slowly getting back into my routine again of adding Adobe tutorials to the site once more. I have actually really missed doing these tutorials, so I am hyped to get this one posted.

For those of you unfamiliar with Photoshop or unfamiliar with using duotones, this tutorial is a good one to learn from. I’ve used duotones before in edits I’ve done but Unmesh Dinda always finds a way to shine a light on different tools in photoshop in fun and unique ways. Before I used this tutorial, I didn’t know that Photoshop actually comes with a whole lot (100 plus) of preset Duotone and Tritone templates built in. No need to use any external resources (if you don’t want to).

How to use Photoshop’s built-in Duotone presets

Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he6HCZz5bZ8

Time: 10 minutes

Level: Beginner

Comment: Using Duotones in image creation is one of the most commonly used trends in digital and graphic design today. If you want your images to have a special and unique look, duotones and tritone colours will certainly give your image that special lift to make your images look funky and professional.

Unmesh’s tutorial is great because not only does he show you how to use the duotones in your images, but he also shares tips and tricks on how to blend duotone colours into an original image to make it look even better.

Rating: 9/10

Here’s the before image (I didn’t like the brownish/reddish tint this image had originally and wanted to give it a more sombre look)


And the after image: