I just realised…

Social Media has this absolutely overwhelming ability to make you feel utterly and completely empty.


Own your faults, because nobody else will!

So this week has been pretty shitty so far. When I say “so far” I mean it’s just awful to begin your week being told that you’re being moved “sideways” in the business. You know when your manager is pretty much telling you that out of a team of 12 people, you and four others were the weakest links, it’s enough to just tip you over the edge and say “fuck this world and everyone in it”.

But then I think, no, I know I’m made of sterner stuff than this. I cried at first but that’s only because the pure shock of the words being uttered to me made me tear up. I am also a little bit (probably a lot more than a little bit) of a baby but then again, there are worse things a person can do than let out some emotion and cry like, oh I dunno, setting fire to the building maybe? So yeah, I think tears at this particular time were actually OK. I still apologised for it because I felt quite weak and vulnerable.

And it’s been a day since then. My manager let me go home for the rest of the day and due to the stress, of course, I got a migraine last night and well, I just didn’t feel very good at all, both physically and emotionally. So I skipped work today. Would anyone blame me? More importantly, if they did, would I care?

And this is what brings me to the nuts and bolts of this post which is all about looking at yourself with unbiased eyes, picking out what you believe are your core values and then re-assessing them. I’m getting to the point in my life where I’m just over the bullshit office politics seems to bring with it. Yesterday, I cared that someone in the management team maybe thought I was shit at my job. Yesterday, I cared about what other people in the company would think of me if I got put into a different team. Yesterday, I gave a whole lot of fucks about things I’ve come to realise aren’t worth the effort or the time.

So I’m writing about it as you do when you’ve got nobody else to tell. I’ve already exhausted my partner to death about what’s going on and the “friends” at work I thought I had I’m not sure of any more. Perhaps a couple of them knew what was coming and they purposefully chose not to tell me or worse, to lie to me about it, therefore removing all responsibility for the fallout to come. I guess I don’t blame them but then again, why shouldn’t I? Doesn’t loyalty mean anything any more? Well to me, it’s pretty damn important. This is one core value I think is good for me to have. But some of the metrics I have been measuring myself by are beginning to do more harm than good to me and mine. And it’s time I changed them.

This morning I wrote a draft letter to my management team about what I would like to see happen IF I accept the role they’ve offered me. There is definitely room for negotiation because my manager told me straight up “I’ve been told by the big boss *name omitted for reasons* to do whatever I can to retain you”. At first, this meant very little to me. But after a restless night of lapsing in and out of a very deep dream state and er, something else, I woke up today feeling like I needed to accept what was happening and make it WORK for me the best way I could.

I’m here, and I’m alive and I’ve got so much to offer even if some of these idiots don’t see it right now. So I’m going to push the bar a little and see what I get back. I DO need to prove to the business I am worthy of keeping (they could have made me take redundancy but they didn’t). So I know that someone somewhere is still batting for me. I need to show that person or persons why because clearly I haven’t been doing that lately.

To be continued, thanks for reading.

All about the Cobra that slithered its way into my life

I dunno if anyone noticed that my avatar changed a while back. Well, I changed it because I had a new pop culture thing to geek out on. See I’m a VERY big geek and in lots of different ways; I’m a HUGE movie geek, in fact, movies next to video games are one of my favourite of all things to do. I have a Letterboxd profile with thousands of movies logged (and honestly, I don’t think I’ve even catalogued half of the movies I’ve seen in my illustrious pursuit of being a cinephile to reckon with). And I also happen to really love TV shows (even though I don’t technically use my TV for actually watching TV in the traditional sense).

So I’d like to introduce anyone that gives a crap to my other latest fun thing to follow, the YouTube Premium show called Cobra Kai. For anyone that doesn’t know what that is, basically, it’s the continued story of Johnny Lawrence (the badass blonde bully in The Karate Kid) and Daniel (well, if you don’t know who Daniel is, you might need to do a little bit of catching up fam). The catch is it’s picking up on their lives 34 years after the original movie was released! So go watch The Karate Kid – THE ONLY Karate Kid movie that really matters is the original 1984 film starring Pat Morita, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. That’ll catch you up a whole lot and then you can start watching Cobra Kai πŸ™‚ See there is a method to my madness after all.

Oh Johnny, please be my Sensei!

I don’t know anyone that hasn’t loved this show. The trailer for the first episode has had over 40 million views. And hey, if Cobra Kai isn’t your cuppa tea, that’s all good. We can still be friends πŸ™‚