I had a title for this post but it went bye bye…

I get most of my blog posts on the fly, that is, I don’t sit at my desk for weeks planning my blog posting strategy like a chess match. Some people might do this, and it might be really successful for them, but that’s not me. So quite a lot of the content I write is about my daily experiences – my feelings sometimes if I feel like blogging about them, or my thoughts on reading other people’s blogs and how it made me feel or think or react. Continue reading → I had a title for this post but it went bye bye…


Right now…

Right now I feel like standing up and yelling at the top of my voice. I want to walk towards the door and never come back to this awful place. I have absolutely no reason to want to be here anymore. Anything good that I felt for this place died some time ago. I’m only here because my pride and my stubbornness refuse to let me leave.

I got “told” that we might be restructuring again

And the team will be whittled down even further. But here’s the thing, we are hiring two new people, so why would we be restructuring again? The TL said not to worry because it “might” not happen.

It’s made me feel nervous all over again 😥

Star Wars Artist of the Day @michaelpasqualeart

Today’s art is just amazing. Check it out

Badass or what? Kylo getting ever closer to his Grandfather in this art

QotD – If you could delete something from your life as if it never existed, what would you delete?

Would you choose a memory, a person, a boss, a certain event in your life? If you had the power to do this without any repercussions, what would you do?

Nice question right? Can you answer this straight away without hesitation or do you need to think about it?

Let me know in the comments or ask your followers what they’d do and comment with your favourite 😁 and as always like if you like and share if you care 👍😊