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Protected: The Work Post – Part One

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Back in the saddle


I found myself looking through some of my previously written material and started editing the words. I kept doing this without realising it. Everything just flowed for a brief moment and I was finally happy to upload another section of my fanfic to Tumblr. Continue reading → Back in the saddle

Writer’s block blues

There is one rule for writers that seems to be the same for every famous scribe I’ve researched and that is “if you want to be a good writer, you must write as often as you can”. I suppose this rule can be applied to just about everything though right? And that would be great advice to take if only I could actually write something.

When I first started the fanfic Star Wars: The Force Awakens had only just been unleashed on the world and the thought of creating my very own melodrama from it genuinely excited me. I had fleshed out the plot bit by bit in my head and thought it would be a neat idea to imagine the story of this brand new First Order recruit who had the opportunity of a lifetime unfolding before her. I even thought it would be cool to write parts of the story in a journal as the character developed. The issue now is that I no longer feel as excited as I once did about this character and she is on the verge of meeting one of the main antagonists of the story which should feel exciting to me. But it doesn’t, and every time I try to revisit the story I feel like l really don’t know what I’m doing.

At the same time, I feel like I owe this character the chance to grow within the story and if I was to turn my back on her now, I would regret it.

I literally have dozens of half-written stories that all end up in the same spot, left in writer’s oblivion never to see the light of day again (well, a couple of them were looked at over the years but I’ve only ever completed one out of the dozens I’ve started).

That is really sad, isn’t it? Sad in the sense that I’ve created something that at one point or another I was excited for, only to let it die. And also sad in the sense that I seem to be very good at self-analysing the problem only to do nothing about it.

In other news, I had this really ridiculous dream about Jake Gyllenhaal who was actually a werewolf (although he didn’t look like one) and we were both running from his evil son (also a werewolf) who was trying to kill me for some reason. Jake Gyllenhaal was trying to protect me and somehow (literally out of nowhere) he managed to connect a harness so I could repel down the side of this very tall apartment block that we lived in. There was also a scene with lots of sand where we almost suffocated to death.

I really think my subconscience is trying to tell me something…


So I learned a thing about “NSFW” tags today

My fanfic is in its infancy (three very short posts) and has already attracted some “interesting” followers. I am guessing it’s the NSFW tag I have mentioned in my description but still, it’s a little unsettling. I mean, sure, parts of my fan fic will be NSFW but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be sordid, hardcore BDSM Fifty Shades of Grey styles or even worse, porn! Not that there is anything wrong with that type of writing – I read the first Fifty Shades of Grey novel myself, but hardcore BDSM isn’t really going to work with the story I want to tell. It’s nice to think that my writing appeals to such a broad group of readers – I’ll just remember this the next time I doubt myself, it’s a great motivator.

P.S – I decided to remove the reference to NSFW and added 21+ instead – just because I felt it was more applicable to the writing I do.

SWTOR Trading 101

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Tip of the day

If you’ve managed to accumulate hundreds of armour sets over the years, it’s good practice to hold onto some of them, especially if the market is flooded or prices are low. Continue reading → SWTOR Trading 101

You imagine, I imagine

After recently returning to tumblr, I am beginning to feel like a spectator more than a participant. It’s not that tumblr has changed all that much since I last used it but it seems like a foreign world to me all the same. I am procrastinating over my fanfic and fear I am losing the edge to just “do it” and roll with whatever comes. Posting pics was just fine and dandy but now I have to actually write and let me tell ya, there are some very talented writers on tumblr. There is also a new language amongst the fanfic elite on tumblr – a new word I’m seeing all the time – “imagine” which is basically you (the writer) imagine something about your chosen OTP (one true pairing) or your fandom or fandoms (as the case may be), and you write about it.

It’s very much like an exclusive club and I’m on the outside looking in. A lot of the fanfic writers are part of what appears to be a very close-knit community. I have doubts. I’m being a total wuss about it, right? I’m sure I’m not the only writer who has doubted themselves…

Back to 1 billion credits

So I wrote a post back on June 03 about reaching that 1 billion credit target on one of my mules. Well, I was a little premature and kinda thought I would hit the 1 billion mark then and didn’t quite make it. The good news is I finally have this time – check it out 🙂 Not going to lie, it feels pretty damn good – I put a lot of effort into trading and keep records of everything I sell and the credits I make. Today is a good day in SWTOR!