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The Dark Side: An Illustrated Story – when will we get this book??

I stumbled upon a random Reddit thread regarding some beautiful Star Wars artwork which I’ve edited and uploaded below:

The Dark Side An Illustrated Story EDIT02

The art is featured in a new book called “The Dark Side: An Illustrated Story” but so far it is only released in France and Italy according to the post on Reddit. A search on Amazon came up empty so I’m guessing that Reddit thread is pretty legit so far.

When can I get this book? I must have this book 😀

Count Dooku – You Shall Be Mine!

I haven’t really done a lot of animation with characters like Count Dooku and when I saw the cover for the upcoming Once Upon a Galaxy STAR WARS: AGE OF REPUBLIC – COUNT DOOKU # 1 Marvel comic, well, I just had to animate it! It’s so perfect 🙂

However, to get the image to where I needed it to be to animate it correctly took more than an hour of editing lol – I really wanted it to look good, so I had to remove some of the original art to do that.

I also added a little blurb because I think it suits this image really well!

Here’s the original image art by Paolo Rivera:


Here’s my first edit before animation (you can see a did a lot of editing of the image and the colours so that they “pop” more)


And the final animation:

COUNTDOOKUEDIT01 (1200px, 25fps) (1)

I also did a quick Kylo edit to warm up before doing Count Dooku:

KYLOEDITTUMBLR01 (808px, 25fps)

What do you do when you lose all your saved work in After Effects?

The title of this blog post is not the original title I had in mind. The original title had words I prefer not to use in general let alone anywhere on social media (lol!) because well, they’re rude :P, But there is no other way to explain how I felt when I opened my AE project only to be met with an error message after error message. The worst thing ever was realising that my saved project (all the work I had done on the original edit I have been working on for days off and on) was just gone! Continue reading → What do you do when you lose all your saved work in After Effects?

Star Wars post – more Star Wars Creative edits for Instagram

I saw this image on the cover of Star Wars Insider magazine, and there was something about it I didn’t like. It looked like someone had taken a photo of one of the many Kylo Ren action figures you can buy and put it in front of a fake red background. So I wanted to change it and change it I did 🙂


And I made a second animated edit because I thought the red light sabre glowing against the dark outfit Kylo is wearing would look kinda stunning:


For the record, I actually think that’s Adam Driver and not an action figure lol! Sorry, Adam 😛 I also noticed that the crossguard isn’t even but that’s how it looked in the original image, so I left that part in.


Another Star Wars edit for Wallpaper Engine!

I’m pumping out a few edits now that I have time to edit everything I have in my queue of things to edit. As I’ve mentioned earlier, The Black Series and artist Gregory Titus is one of my favourite Star Wars collections and the art that goes with it is just beautiful.

Here’s another edit this time of the original image released for The Force Awakens – Kylo Ren. I’ve currently got this one as a wallpaper using a 4K monitor and it actually looks pretty damn good for an image that isn’t native 4K

KYLORENTITUSEDIT01 (1200px, 25fps)


Back to After Effects Part III

Back when I started learning how to use Adobe After Effects, I had an idea for an image edit I wanted to create. I haven’t really liked using Photoshop for animation mostly because I didn’t really think that PS was the place to be creating animation, if that makes any sense. After learning the basics of animating text in After Effects, I can instantly see all the limitations that PS has and why so many people recommend AE for animation. If I’m honest with myself, I put off learning AE because I was simply too lazy to put any effort in at the time. Continue reading → Back to After Effects Part III

Some extra Star Wars Animation!

I saw both of these edits on Tumblr and I can’t for the life of me remember where I saved them from – I’ve done an image search and it came up empty so I’ll just have to add the credit if and when I find it.

I wanted to animate them both because it’s Luke and Leia and they’re my heroes really – Luke especially but I felt Leia was such a great inspiration to women as a character; she was gutsy but kind, down to earth and honorable and passionate about saving the Galaxy – it doesn’t get much better than that.

So here are my little animations in honour of two wonderful characters from my favourite thing to blog about – Star Wars

LEIAAGIRLEDIT02 (670px, 25fps)LUKEABOYEDIT01 (670px, 25fps)