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My writing “feels”

Okay so this is the thing – since I’ve come back to writing (after a very long hiatus), I’ve felt a lot of conflicting emotions. Continue reading → My writing “feels”


So much #Reylo, so much #Kylux

I’ve started posting my fanfic on tumblr but wow… there are so many #reylo and #kylux fans, I don’t know if my fanfic will survive it…

I gave in… I’m back on Tumblr

So after a long deliberation, I’ve decided to go back to Tumblr so I can try and expose my writing a little more. I dunno if it’s the right medium for it, but I guess we’ll see. Here’s hoping it picks up a bit πŸ™‚

I’ve decided to quote some excerpts to Tumblr from the beginning of the fanfic. That way the story will flow a lot more (well, I hope it will). I dunno how it will turn out, I’ve never had a tumblr account for a fanfic before so it’s new territory for me.

Wish me luck friends πŸ™‚

Darksider Confessions

Finally finished the updates on the blog – I think it looks a whole lot better than it did. This isn’t the first blog I’ve had but it’s the first one that I’ve felt really connected to so I’m going to do my utmost to keep this blog alive.

Next step is to update the fanfic – I’ve been neglecting XN2903 for too longΒ  – she is just about to meet Hux properly for the first time… exciting times for my little darksider πŸ™‚