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Or stronger or tougher or just generally better at standing your ground and speaking your mind? I don’t know exactly when I started to care more about what people think but I would like to take it back to the store I got it from and get my “No fcks given” attitude back please. Thanks.


It’s the 7th of January. In my country that means “back to work after 3 weeks off” day. People are gonna be grumpy and tired as they slowly get back into their weekly routine. The weekly routine they secretly despise because it’s work they don’t wanna do. Aim to never feel this way when you work and you will be living the dream…

I’ve since discovered that you can actually add GIF files to the header image of the blog (that is probably dependent on your theme restraints as well) so I’m trying this one out for now. The GIF file might be too distracting? I dunno, give me some feedback people, GIF or static image?

On @Tumblr – MAP and NOMAP and why you should avoid them

I don’t really like handing out advice mostly because I’m not an authority on any one particular thing and therefore it’s really my opinion more than anything. But when I do talk about serious stuff like this, I make an effort to get my point of view across without mucking around. I dislike mucking around, ya know? Continue reading → On @Tumblr – MAP and NOMAP and why you should avoid them

Most people are still on holiday… and I’m here. My partner is also still on holiday without me, so yeah… 😡

Goodbye (and good riddance), 2018!

I have many reasons to want this year to be over and done with. I’ve experienced a lot of horrible stress this year at work (as some of you will know), going through a restructure and not knowing what my future will hold. While this may not sound like a big deal to some, it’s a little different when you’re living through it, believe me. Continue reading → Goodbye (and good riddance), 2018!

I am currently at a work thing…

And I feel so awkward. This is why I avoid these things. All my work mates have gone and I’m waiting for my ride home wishing I was at home making Star Wars edits lol.

Being socially awkward kinda hurts…

Time for self reflection?

I was just thinking about life in general the other day which was sparked by a thought I had after a particular incident. And I got to thinking about how much I’ve changed over the last year or so and how my personal development has affected my relationships.

I think the end of the year is as good a time as any to do this, to take into account the good with the bad and to consider how YOU have grown as a person. You know life doesn’t just happen around you, it happens to you. While I don’t believe that everyone is “connected” some how, I certainly do believe that life is very much what you make it.

In some aspects, life really is all about you and how you choose to evolve. It’s not selfish to reflect upon yourself once n’ a while as long as you take something from it and strive to become someone better.