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HOLY GEEZ, this star wars leak/spoiler is HUGE! This is primarily huge because NOBODY, and I do mean none of the sources that usually report this stuff even knew about it! One of the subreddits I frequent posted about a couple of days ago, but it got buried under everything else, so I didn’t see it until this morning.

THERE is supposedly a trailer that features the Knights of Ren. Here’s the trailer (bear in mind it might get taken offline, especially if it’s legit), so watch this right now; otherwise, you might miss out!


My understanding of The Knights of Ren is that they started with a dark side user named “Ren”. This came from the comics, so none of this was known before the comics first revealed the character. By the looks of this character in the teaser/trailer, that isn’t him. Ren looks nothing like that in the comics. When I say “looks nothing like him”, you can easily see what you want to see in this hazy image. The lighting is so bad that you can’t make out any specifics (probably on purpose).

Here’s the comic version of Ren. Assuming that is who the person in this clip is, it could be someone else entirely! Or the voiceover could be Ren speaking and this dude in the clip is a random Knight of Ren we don’t yet know.


Disney has not announced this project. Which explains why nobody knew about it. If you use Reddit, check out the Star Wars leaks subreddit. They don’t even have this listed there as a possible project in development by Disney. So that tells me that someone kept this very quiet until now, OR it’s fan-made, and a hoax, and almost the entire Star Wars fandom fell for it 🤣

It wouldn’t be the first time a “legit” source got it wrong. I remember many supposed “leaks” that were merely fans getting excited over nothing at all and everyone else joining in.

This is what being part of a fandom is all about! I dunno who or what this particular trailer is, nor do I know anything else, so I am in the same boat right now!

My opinion on the clip – it looks pretty legit to me. Also, Sony is really good at shutting down leaks. But Disney doesn’t seem to be as ruthless as that. Even if this was a leak, there’s still a good chance Disney is allowing the leak on purpose to gather momentum from the fandom. We know that Solo: A Star Wars Story flopped. And there have always been opinions within the fandom that Disney releases too many things too soon and saturates the market. Maybe this came from inside Disney/Lucasfilm for a reason.

Also, I did a quick check on the music in the clip, too – it was unrecognised by Shazam. But again, that doesn’t mean anything, it could be some random audio file from YouTube as there are thousands – all free.

So much to think about, and it’s SO EXCITING! What do you think, Star Wars friends? Let me know in the comments as I am dying to chat away about this 😁😆

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The Book of Boba Fett on Empire Magazine’s January Cover 2022!

It’s getting so close to The Book of Boba Fett now I can almost taste it! So why not whet that appetite a little more with these amazing Empire Magazine covers: Boba Fett Empire Magazine cover one:

Amazing Collector’s Edition Cover by Max Loffler

Boba Fett Empire Magazine cover two:

But wait, there’s more 😅

It’s going to be AMAZING right? If you wanna chat about it hit me up in the comments, my friends!

Stay safe out there and I’ll catch you in the next one 😁😀

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What Scene Do You Think Is the Most Iconic in Star Wars?

There are many scenes in the galaxy far, far away that we could consider iconic and even magical. And with such an expansive universe, it would be hard to choose just one. But that’s precisely what I’m going to make you all do, my Star Wars friends.

If you had to choose only ONE scene from the Star Wars cinematic universe (that includes the TV shows as well), which one would you choose out of all the unique content we’ve seen? Is it difficult to do? It should be as there are so many scenes that captured the hearts and minds of fans worldwide.

Is this the most iconic scene in Star Wars?

Take your time with this one, and reply when you’re ready. But for fun, I wondered if you could pick which Star Wars show or movie mine would come from?

Hit me up in the comments, my friends, and let’s begin our friendly discussion on the most iconic scene in Star Wars chosen by us 😃😄👌

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Star Wars is Poetry – Skywalker: A Family at War

Thank you for joining me on my Star Wars fandom journey for anyone new to my blog and reading this! Star Wars is Poetry may be unfamiliar to you, so I’ll introduce it briefly here, so you are all up-to-date! Star Wars is Poetry is simply a blog series of posts focusing purely on literature, including books, comics, scripts, and anything else celebrating the written word in the Star Wars universe.

Whenever there is a new Star Wars book title, I usually blog about it here, but I don’t always buy them. It just depends on whether I like the topic, where its set and who the book is focusing on. If it’s brand new characters to the universe, I might pass as it takes me a while to warm up to new characters.

But if it’s anything relating to characters I love, I’ll usually buy it. This book is a perfect example of what I would love to read:

I’ve already preordered the book, which you can do on Amazon’s website here.

Here’s a small excerpt taken from the Star Wars website:

As the Jedi Council gazed upon Anakin for the first time, wise, diminutive Master Yoda sensed that Anakin was gripped by fear. And fear was a dangerous ally. For the Jedi, fear was a path to the dark side of the Force, an entry point to misgivings that could be nursed into anger and hate. Nevertheless, Anakin’s emotional response to his situation, including his fears, was a very human reaction to the sudden upheaval he had experienced in his life; Qui-Gon believed that, with the proper guidance, Anakin’s natural anxieties would subside and be replaced by a Jedi’s clarity of vision. If Jinn was correct, the boy would bring balance to the Force, defeating the creeping darkness that was already beginning to cloud both the Force itself and the Jedi Order’s abilities to perceive the threat to it.

However, where Qui-Gon saw promise, Obi-Wan Kenobi and many on the Jedi Council sensed trouble. Obi-Wan did not hide his concern, even from Anakin himself. The boy’s raw power in the Force was something to be wary of. He was malleable, and in the wrong hands, such explosive potential could be turned to evil.

Few were surprised that Qui-Gon defied the Council’s initial adverse reaction to his request to make good on his promise and train the child. With Obi-Wan almost ready to become a Jedi Knight himself, Qui-Gon was free to take on a new Padawan, and he was determined that Padawan should be Anakin—once the Council came around to the idea, at least.

Qui-Gon began to gently coax Anakin toward a greater understanding in the ways of the Force. If questioned, Qui-Gon would have argued that he was not training the boy, merely providing guidance as a mentor and guardian in his absent mother’s stead. Just as he had done while helping Anakin into his podracer before the Boonta Eve Classic, Qui-Gon offered the boy the benefit of his wisdom: “Always remember, your focus determines your reality,” he told him. “Stay close to me and you’ll be safe.” Those words would resound in Anakin’s subconscious for years to come, an echo of wisdom—and false hope—forming the basis of his doubts that anyone could truly protect him. And if no one could, his young mind reasoned, he would have to become the strongest Jedi who had ever lived in order to protect those around him instead. If he focused hard enough, he could make it come true.

At this time, the unscrupulous Trade Federation was implementing a blockade on the planet of Naboo, stopping all shipments to the peaceful planet in protest over the taxation of trade routes. However, this boycott was merely a clever cover for a plot to invade. While the Galactic Senate sat idly by, Qui-Gon, Anakin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the faithful astromech droid R2-D2 embarked upon a mission to protect Queen Amidala and disrupt the Trade Federation’s invasion of her planet. Once on Naboo, Padmé revealed herself to be Queen Amidala and forged an alliance with the Gungan army to mount a counterattack against the Trade Federation invaders. In the midst of their success, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan once more encountered the beastly Darth Maul.

Written by Kristin Baver via the Star Wars website

I have not yet read any of Kristin Baver’s other works, but that’s okay. This book is about the Skywalker saga, so I’m sold!

What do you think of this excerpt? Will you be buying this book? Hit me up in the comments, friends!

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Star Wars is Poetry – George Lucas’ Script Discussion with Lawrence Kasdan

Today’s Star Wars is Poetry post is about the early ideas for the script for Return of the Jedi and a discussion that Lucas had with screenwriter extraordinaire Lawrence Kasdan:

KASDAN: I think you should kill Luke and have Leia take over. LUCAS: You don’t want to kill Luke. KASDAN: Okay, then kill Yoda. LUCAS: I don’t want to kill Yoda. You don’t have to kill people. You’re a product of the 1980s. You don’t go around killing people. It’s not nice. KASDAN: No, I’m not. I’m trying to give the story some kind of an edge to it. . . . LUCAS: By killing somebody, I think you alienate the audience. KASDAN: I’m saying that the movie has more emotional weight if someone you love is lost along the way; the journey has more impact. LUCAS: I don’t like that and I don’t believe that. KASDAN: Well, that’s all right. LUCAS: I have always hated that in movies, when you go along and one of the main characters gets killed. This is a fairy tale. You want everybody to live happily ever after and nothing bad happens to anybody. . . . The whole point of the film, the whole emotion that I am trying to get at the end of this film, is for you to be real uplifted, emotionally and spiritually, and feel absolutely good about life. That is the greatest thing that we could possibly ever do.

Via Cass R. Sunstein. The World According to Star Wars HarperCollins

Why is this discussion important? Well, for starters, it shows us that Lucas had a very set way of doing things with his movies, and he knew exactly where he wanted the hero journey of Luke Skywalker to go – to a good place by not killing him off as Kasdan suggested.

While this discussion happened years ago, it still makes me think of Lucas and his vision for Star Wars and how he wouldn’t have killed Luke if he wrote the sequels.

If you’re interested in further reading on George Lucas’ vision for the sequels, this article covers it pretty well. But the TLDR version is that Darth Maul and his apprentice Darth Talon (who would have been the first female Sith Lord from the expanded universe) would have ruled over the galaxy’s criminals. At the same time, Leia and Luke were busy rebuilding the Republic from the ground up. Luke would have rebuilt the New Jedi Order, and Leia would have become the Republic’s official ruler.

It makes you wonder how differently the fandom might be if his script ideas were considered for the sequels. From what I have read, this is where Lucas resented Disney for completely omitting his ideas in favour of new ideas from other writers. I agree with Lucas because a creative person always wants to see their ideas realised. But I don’t resent Disney either for going in a different direction. They had bought the franchise fair and square, made George even richer than he was, and that is kind of how it was. But at the same time, I think it would have been nice if they had considered what Lucas had written rather than just brushing it off. We don’t know what their contractual agreement stated with Lucas, so this is total speculation on my part. Nobody but Lucas and Disney will know who signed what on the dotted lines.

What do you think of George Lucas’s idea for the sequel trilogy? Do you think it’s better or worse than what we got as fans? Let me know in the comments, friends, and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post!

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