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“You can stay in the same place and still find ways to leave people”

– Beginners

But I can see why Christian Bale won his golden globe. In fact, the casting in general for Vice is great. Sam Rockwell, Amy Adam’s, it’s a director’s dream…

I’m just dying to see Christian Bale in another award-winning performance once again 🙂

Beautiful Boy – Watched 07/01/2019


Beautiful Boy (2018)

Writers: Luke Davies (screenplay by), Felix van Groeningen (screenplay by) | 2 more credits »


It took me a while to think about how to write this review. While real-life mysteries may be fun to watch, real-life tragedies are not, especially when it involves the lives of young people falling victim to addiction. I can’t pretend to say I know how this might feel because I’ve never been an addict but I grew up in a household with an alcoholic for a father, so I can somehow relate to movies about substance abuse, and I can certainly understand how families can be torn apart by it. Continue reading → Beautiful Boy – Watched 07/01/2019

If you haven’t seen it, you should but only if you can handle watching someone lose themselves in their own despair. If you’re ok with that, you’ll be good👍although you may want to bring tissues, you know, just in case

Also, Timothee Chalamet is phenomenal in this. Pretty boy can act up a storm, just sayin’…

So many people on social media are salty over certain “winners” being rewarded instead of others and I am just like “don’t you dare tell me that Rami Malek, Richard Madden and Christian Bale didn’t deserve their wins!” Have you seen any of these people act? Yeah… exactly. Can’t we all just be nice about it 🤣 My boy Adam Driver didn’t win but I’m not filling my blog posts with venom because of it. Be patient, young Padawans 😁 I mean, some bloggers say that it’s not talent that gets you the win, it’s who you know in Hollywood. Is this actually true? Are the GG’s and the Oscar’s scams? I don’t know…

The Vanishing – Watched 06/01/2019


The Vanishing (2018)

Keepers (original title)


Real life mysteries are fun. I mean it’s interesting to speculate about what happened, especially if there are weird circumstances behind the mystery such as three perfectly nice lighthouse keepers disappearing off the face of the Earth! I mean, they’re lighthouse keepers, what could be mysterious about that?

The journey of our three lighthouse keepers begins in the 1900s off the coast of Scotland – an Island called Flannan Isle. The men who worked as lighthouse keepers were as rugged as the terrain they were charged to look after. Gerard Butler (James) and Peter Mullan (Thomas) are every bit the characters they portray – burly men with calloused hands and weather-worn faces. The third man of the group, young and undisciplined Donald is the odd man out in every way, and this proves to be an essential part of the storytelling once the situation between the three men becomes dire. Continue reading → The Vanishing – Watched 06/01/2019