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And I’m at work just saying … 😒🀣

I really want Adam Driver to win but I have this feeling Timothee Chalamet might win it


The Cured – Watched 05/01/2019

if you watch this, look out for this scene – it’s heartbreaking 😦


The Cured (2017)
R | 1h 35min | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi | 23 February 2018 (USA)

Watched on Netflix


I’m gonna get this right out there and say that I’m a huge and I mean HUGE horror fan. Next to Sci-Fi, horror is probably one of my favourite genres. So when I first heard about The Cured, I was on a mission to watch it. A few other things also helped to persuade me – the movie was set in Ireland (we don’t get a lot of horror films set in Ireland, let’s be real), the movie was carried in the States by IFC (I’ve had a lot of luck with IFC films of late) and I also like Ellen Page. Continue reading → The Cured – Watched 05/01/2019

I’m a cinephile! Movies – one GIF at a time

Alongside writing and Star Wars, my other huge passion is movies, watching them, writing about them, making GIFs about them, you name it, I’ve done it. I’ve been a member of Letterboxd for a few years now, and I used to write over there on a regular basis back when I had the time to write about movies, and I wasn’t so focused on social media and photoshop.

I’d like to try writing again but not on Letterboxd (although I may copy some of my work over to that blog maybe, possibly). Like a lot of bloggers I’ve seen, they make their blog their home for everything they enjoy writing about so I’ve decided to do the same. My idea is to write about a movie I’ve watched with a GIF I’ve made that I think captures the movie’s heart or message (that’s going to be hard but I’ll see how it goes).

I try to watch a movie every other day, most weeks I’ll watch a movie a day and on weekends I usually watch about four-six films. Movies take up a huge chunk of my time and I want to turn that into something worthwhile again, through writing.

I hope you come along for the ride πŸ™‚


Here is my tribute to Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

CAPTAINMARVELEDIT01 (1200px, 25fps)

A Discovery of Witches is my new (ish) thing

There’s a TV/streaming show (do we even call it that anymore?) called “A discovery of Witches” starring Matthew Goode as the Vampire Matthew Clairmont and Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop. My partner wasn’t sold initially saying it was too much like “Twilight” trying to dismiss it as teenage drivel. But I was sold, particularly on both of the lead roles.

Matthew Goode is, of course, absolutely delectable as Clairmont, that beautifully refined English accent sounds like honey in your ears. And Theresa Palmer is every bit the reluctant witch, Diana, reluctant to embrace her calling as a witch but not adverse to the charms of a beautiful Vampire 😁

I’ve just watched episode three I think and there is one scene in particular that just grabbed me and I’ve been pretty smitten ever since. I’ll make a gif set of the scene in question because you really need to see what I mean. I think I’m in love with this show πŸ˜πŸ˜β€πŸ’™

All about the Cobra that slithered its way into my life

I dunno if anyone noticed that my avatar changed a while back. Well, I changed it because I had a new pop culture thing to geek out on. See I’m a VERY big geek and in lots of different ways; I’m a HUGE movie geek, in fact, movies next to video games are one of my favourite of all things to do. I have a Letterboxd profile with thousands of movies logged (and honestly, I don’t think I’ve even catalogued half of the movies I’ve seen in my illustrious pursuit of being a cinephile to reckon with). And I also happen to really love TV shows (even though I don’t technically use my TV for actually watching TV in the traditional sense).

So I’d like to introduce anyone that gives a crap to my other latest fun thing to follow, the YouTube Premium show called Cobra Kai. For anyone that doesn’t know what that is, basically, it’s the continued story of Johnny Lawrence (the badass blonde bully in The Karate Kid) and Daniel (well, if you don’t know who Daniel is, you might need to do a little bit of catching up fam). The catch is it’s picking up on their lives 34 years after the original movie was released! So go watch The Karate Kid – THE ONLY Karate Kid movie that really matters is the original 1984 film starring Pat Morita, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. That’ll catch you up a whole lot and then you can start watching Cobra Kai πŸ™‚ See there is a method to my madness after all.

Oh Johnny, please be my Sensei!

I don’t know anyone that hasn’t loved this show. The trailer for the first episode has had over 40 million views. And hey, if Cobra Kai isn’t your cuppa tea, that’s all good. We can still be friends πŸ™‚

Luke The Last Jedi and something extra

LUKETHELASTJEDI (1080px, 25fps)

This is “Luke The Last Jedi” by 800lbProductions – I saw this picture and couldn’t resist adding some animation to it, it’s just awesome. This is one huge a55 file though, geez – it took me ages to add the animation and of course after I was done, it ended up being a 70 meg file lol! Looking at the finished product, it was well worth it.

And something non Star Wars related, I’ve started adding animation to other things outside of Star Wars and thought I would blog about it here. There are some really beautiful Movie Posters out there and when I saw this one,Β  for The Doors (1991), I had to add something to it:

THEDOORSMOVIE01 (1200px, 25fps)