Testing Hashtags on Instagram – Part 3

So this post is about a week overdue, but that’s OK because I want to post about the changes I’ve seen on my Instagram account since first testing hashtags. I started this little mini social media experiment on the 20th of February, and for almost a solid month, I avoided using any hashtags in my posts. This experiment was to test what type of impact using hashtags has on posts if any at all. After a month of not using hashtags, I can see a slight difference between not using hashtags and using hashtags.

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@social media – This made me proud to be a Kiwi

“New Zealand banned semi-automatic rifles less than 24 hours after the New Zealand mosque shooting. They addressed the horror guns create and decided to choose their public’s safety. America, take notes”…

Pinterest Update #5 – still losing viewers but gaining followers!

As much as I didn’t feel like blogging today, I am keeping my promise to myself to do it. And it’s not great news, but that’s OK. There are mixed results from the last two weeks of blogging on Pinterest.

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@social media – A positive quote to get you through Monday 😁

Pinterest Update #4 – Moving down

Last week I mentioned contacting Pinterest about my emails not being delivered. Looks like they fixed the problem because I received my weekly “Top Pins of the Week” email yesterday which was great.

So one thing about Pinterest is that your traffic, views, unique daily visitors etc. will continuously change. What I’ve found is that this is partially due to how often you are pinning and the quality of content. You will notice the fluctuations if you’re measuring your activity like I do and you’re bound to have weeks where there is a reduction in everything including profile views. Continue reading → Pinterest Update #4 – Moving down