I’ve been thinking about my Instagram account for a little while and I want to try something different on there going forward. I want to start using “themes” for different days of the week and see how that works for my followers. So this is what I came up with:

MONDAY – DARKSIDE MONDAY  – content from any source but only from the dark side
TUESDAY – LIGHTSIDE TUESDAY – same as above but celebrating the light side
WEDNESDAY – OLD SKOOL WEDNESDAY – posts from the Original Trilogy only
THURSDAY – TOPPS CARD AND COMIC THURSDAY – Followers can vote for the next animation and posts from comic covers and art
FRIDAY – WHO IS THE BADDEST / WHO IS THE COOLEST? Character discussion and comparison with art and maybe my own edits
SATURDAY – COLLECTIBLE AND GAMING SATURDAY – celebrating Star Wars collectables and video games
SUNDAY – RANDOM ART AND FEATURE THE ARTIST DAY – I will pick an artist on IG that focuses on Star Wars art and showcase their art on my blog as well as random posts throughout the day

I’ll try it out and see if it works for my followers and if not, that’s OK at least I gave it a try, right?

And to celebrate the new IG themes here’s an animation I did yesterday picked by my IG followers:



If you use Tumblr for any reasonable length of time and you follow a heap of people you’ll know what it’s like to get crap showing up on your dashboard that you JUST don’t want to see. There are tools for stopping this, I know, but most of these tools only work if the people you follow know how to use tags. There are some people on tumblr who are either too lazy to use tags or just don’t know what they’re for. So the only thing you can do other than unfollowing this person is adding their name to the block list so you just don’t see anything they blog about. Kind of redundant then right? You might as well just unfollow them.

Social Media has this absolutely overwhelming ability to make you feel utterly and completely empty.

Darksider Blog Banner 18 likes?! I have 18 likes on my last blog post and you know what? It feels … amazing! It feels like I have discovered something that’s truly my own, something that I can learn from and enjoy for as long as I continue to feed the writing demon within. It feels great. And I know it’s only 18 likes… but that’s the most likes I’ve had on this blog to date for one blog post. And after being in the writing doldrums for so long, this is a really nice change.