To people on social media…


You will get unfollowed

If you don’t promote a follower’s art on your blog, in hindsight, I probably should have helped this artist. But if your only motivation for following someone on social media is to get something from them, I’d prefer you didn’t follow me, thanks.

Stop caring about what to write and just write!

I was inspired by reading a post over on Words by Wildflower‘s blog about finding your way on social media. There are many posts online that try to advise you on how to capture the elusive “follower” and how best to maintain your blog, so you’re getting new followers every day. The truth is for me anyway that it wasn’t until I stopped caring about this that I actually started to see an improvement in stats, followers and visitors to my blog. Isn’t that so ironic? The moment I stopped caring about writing the right thing or blogging about the right topics, I noticed things started to move ahead. Continue reading → Stop caring about what to write and just write!

@tumblr “I promise to be back to normal soon”…

This is what someone posted on their blog after their grandfather had passed away. And this kind of upsets me. You know you don’t owe anyone anything, you don’t have to tell people you’ll be “back to normal” because you will never be back to normal. When a loved one dies, it changes you forever. You might be able to write more on your blog, and say funny things to your online friends like you used to, but that “normal” part of you that you’re referring to, that’s gone forever.

I think it’s touching this person wanted to update their status and keep their followers in the loop, but honestly, when real life happens to you, you don’t owe anyone a single thing. The only person you need to take care of is you.

Person A: “Why on earth did we let morning people set the world’s operating schedule??

Person B: “They did it while we were sleeping” 🤣😁😅

This is why I love Pinterest and why you could too

This post is both a small self-plug (sorry but it’s relevant, you’ll see) and promotion for Pinterest because so many people overlook Pinterest as a viable social media tool.

After taking note of my increase in traffic recently, I wanted to see where the majority of my traffic is coming from. A massive chunk of it is from WordPress Reader, but an equally huge piece of it is from Pinterest.

Here is an example of an image I posted a few weeks ago:

WHYILOVEPINTEREST.PNG Continue reading → This is why I love Pinterest and why you could too

Being blocked on Social Media

/rant on

This is something I haven’t really blogged about before because it felt kind of silly and I didn’t really care too much to write about it. But today it seems like I should because I still don’t get why people you have never met or followed or had ANY interaction with, block you. Continue reading → Being blocked on Social Media

“You can stay in the same place and still find ways to leave people”

– Beginners