Star Wars GIFs – Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi

Today I ended up with a migraine that took about half a day to subside but after it had gone, I felt a lot better and wanted to make something in Photoshop. I haven’t made a lot of GIFs lately, mostly because I’ve been learning new techniques and I haven’t been able to really apply them to something Star Wars related until today.

So I came up with this composite image once I had found the perfect Obi-Wan image to use for it. It went through several iterations before I was happy with it including a backdrop of Vader and Luke but I finally settled on Leia instead:

First edit


Then I decided to make a couple of GIFs with this image – GIF one


And GIF two:




Star Wars Edits – The Mandalorian Sketch Edit

I’ve spent a lot of time today (as it’s a public holiday) looking around for Graphic Design resources and came across this Photoshop Action from Adobe which can transform your photo/image into a sketch. It’s a very complex process with multitudes of layer adjustments and changes. There are a lot of apps online that you can use to do a similar thing but I don’t think they always do a very good job of transforming the image. Photo Manipulation is an artform all of its own and I trust Adobe for pretty much everything photo related these days.

The original image is from Carl Milner’s blog because his blog is awesome!

Here’s the image unedited:


And the edited version:


Kathleen Kennedy confirms Old Republic movie will be made!!

GUYS… GUYS THIS IS HUGEEEEE NEWS! For the longest time, I have been waiting for this to happen. As some of you may know, I was a very dedicated SWTOR player and only stopped playing it last year. Well, I’ve actually just resubbed again because this news has really got me so happy! This is like a dream come true – I can’t believe they’re going to finally be making a movie set in the Old Republic timeline!

COULD WE REALLY GET A DARTH REVAN STORYLINE??? OR EVEN DARTH MALGUS OR MALAK?? Or maybe a Satele Shan story about how she became a Jedi Master? There are so many great characters from this timeline… but my biggest hope is that they cast Keanu Reeves as Darth Revan – like, how cool would that be??? What do you think about this news? It’s incredible, right?


Enter a caption



The Mandalorian – Where’s the trailer? Here’s the teaser!

So there was no teaser trailer at SWCC for the Mandalorian and fans are not happy – luckily I managed to find this via @nerdsinabar on Youtube so I am posting quick before it goes down:

So many questions about the Star Wars Episode IX Teaser


So if you haven’t yet seen the trailer (I’m sorry but are you living under a rock, friend?) here it is in its entirety:

And if you did not see the SWCC panel at all, you probably won’t know that Ian McDiarmid came on at the very end for a teaser trailer encore and the crowd went absolutely wild! Of course, I was huddled in front of my screens, with my hands partly over my mouth and chest-clapping quietly to myself because it was 5 am in the morning. I really didn’t want to hold in my excitement and tears and general fan-girlyness, but I also didn’t want to wake up my soundly sleeping partner in the opposite room. Continue reading → So many questions about the Star Wars Episode IX Teaser