Kylo Ren in Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Episode IX

A new host of screenshots have released online of the new Star Wars Battlefront 2 scenes featuring Kylo Ren from The Rise of Skywalker. Some of them show off the newly rebuilt helmet that Kylo Ren broke to pieces in The Last Jedi. I decided to animate one of these screenshots because it really does look so cool!

Here’s the animation, edited and resized for Social Media


And the original image found via Nexus Mods



Yoda and Anakin discuss the future and a post for Padme – Star Wars is Poetry

Star Wars is Poetry is now in full swing with an amazing 17 followers! I am actually quite serious when I say it’s amazing. I’ve only had this account for a few days, and people have already followed it which I honestly thought would take a lot longer. I am not really advertising it anywhere other than Pinterest and here so I’m really happy with this progress.

I have made two posts in the last couple of days, both from the prequel trilogy films. I am actually really enjoying creating these posts, even more than I thought I would. I like being able to blend imagery with words where the words are the main focus rather than the art or image. I also like adding my own point of view on the topic of the post which I don’t do on my Star Wars art account. This way I get to flesh out the concepts or theory behind the post or the scene or the plot or characters.

Yoda’s discussion with Anakin about attachment and letting go:


And Padme Amidala finally admitting her love for Anakin (as doomed as it was) sniff ☚ī¸



I’ve been a busy little beaver!

As you know, I created a new IG account for Star Wars is poetry and I’ve been busy making graphics for that, one a day is my goal so far. But I’ve also been doing a few animations in my spare time as well.

On the writing front, I’m still working on my two stories/fanfics and they’re slowly coming along. All in all, I’ve been quite happy with my progress. I’ve even found a few tutorials I want to do so I should be getting onto that next which I’ll upload here, of course.

Here’s my latest animation, someone on Pinterest sent this to me, so I thought “Hey, why not animate it?” and so I did. The artist is Maksym Rudek, and it’s a lovely image of Kylo Ren circa The Force Awakens:

MAKSYMRUDEX (918px, 25fps)

And here’s one of the edits I made for Star Wars is Poetry:




Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker “Moody” art by Isotonic

I fell instantly in love with this piece when I saw it – it’s so unique as I haven’t really seen any art with both Rey and Darth Vader in the same image. And I’ve featured art by Isotonic before on my blog so I guess you could say I’m a devoted fan 😁

Here’s the animated version I did just now which I had to resize for social media:


And the original piece:


Isn’t it gorgeous though?

I’ve started a new IG account – starwarsispoetry is born!

I’ve wanted to create an IG account for Star War is Poetry for the longest time but I wasn’t too sure how I’d go about it. What I want to do is celebrate the words and literature of the Star Wars universe using words and images (but mostly words as it is an account dedicated to the written word).

So I made this clip for my blog:

And it’s so much easier to manage through the IG app on my phone now that you can use one primary IG account to access all of your IG accounts.

I spent some time creating this template which I want to use for all my posts:


Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Poster – Animated Edition

I really feel like I’m back to being myself again, and I can barely contain my energy to create things. So far in one and a half days I’ve managed to write another article for Dork Side of the Force which is ready for publishing, created one image edit and two animated edits. I also felt randomly inspired and wrote a poem while I was out at the mall earlier today, and I’ve got two short stories on the go at once, one is very much a fan-fic and the other I think I could flesh out into an actual story.

As time’s gone by, I’ve learned to cherish the days when I feel energetic and creative. If there’s one thing being a writer and creative person has taught me, it’s to count the days you have to create as precious. You won’t feel that way every day, so it’s good to try and remember that, it’s good for me and my process anyway.

So here’s my first animation from a newly released star wars fan-made poster with art by phase_runner. This animation took me longer than expected, but I was pleased with the result, and the art is just stunning.

TROS POSTEREDIT01 (885px, 25fps).gif

PiXimperfect Tutorial – Luke Skywalker Edit – A New Hope

I wanted to apply this colour grading tutorial to a stunning image of Luke Skywalker in A New Hope, but I wanted the image to be of just Luke. So I edited out C3-P0 and the annoying branding which was pretty easy to do and voila! Luke was ready for adjustments.

Here is the before image:


And here is the after image:



Time: 20 minutes

Level: Intermediate

Comment: There is so much you can learn from playing with colours, adjustment layers and adding shadows and highlights to an image. Unmesh takes you through a colour grading tutorial on an image which you can see above looks pretty washed out and dull to begin with but just comes to life after the editing has been done. I hoped to achieve the same effect with the image I edited of Luke, and I think it came out OK. I even created edits with masking on the eyes to bring out Luke’s pretty blue eyes a little more.

Rating: 10/10

Now the image is ready for social media posts or just about anywhere really.