Summer is on it’s way to the South Pacific and that means it’s Armageddon time! Just spent the last two hours wading through a crowd full of young and old, cosplayers and surveyors and everything in between.


I haven’t blogged about Star Wars in a while but I am always doing star wars related things like blogging on Instagram and updating my Pinterest page. I still do creative things as well because I love doing it and it’s so much fun.

Here are two of my latest pieces. I’ve recently become obsessed with using Photoshop Actions – some of the results you get are actually really pretty. This is one I did of Luke Skywalker:



I love how the Photoshop Action gives the image a vintage look as well as using an effect similar to a vignette. I think it looks pretty.

This is the other mini project I’ve started, using the same image but this time using the clone brush to clone out parts of the image I don’t want and highlighting Luke with one of my favourite quotes from Star Wars: A New Hope Episode IV


Fell in love with both of these images when I saw them, especially the piece by Helen Shin – it’s nothing short of amazing… it needed to be animated!



Kylo Ren by Helen Shin


And two of my favourite characters in the Star Wars universe together! Darth Vader and grandson, heir apparent, all-round bad boy Kylo Ren

KYLORENVADERericromero-d9nayprEDIT01 (1024px, 25fps)

Darth Vader and Kylo Ren by Eric Romero

LUKETHELASTJEDI (1080px, 25fps)

This is “Luke The Last Jedi” by 800lbProductions – I saw this picture and couldn’t resist adding some animation to it, it’s just awesome. This is one huge a55 file though, geez – it took me ages to add the animation and of course after I was done, it ended up being a 70 meg file lol! Looking at the finished product, it was well worth it.

And something non Star Wars related, I’ve started adding animation to other things outside of Star Wars and thought I would blog about it here. There are some really beautiful Movie Posters out there and when I saw this one,  for The Doors (1991), I had to add something to it:

THEDOORSMOVIE01 (1200px, 25fps)