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SWTOR Trading 101

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Tip of the day

If you’ve managed to accumulate hundreds of armour sets over the years, it’s good practice to hold onto some of them, especially if the market is flooded or prices are low. Continue reading → SWTOR Trading 101


Back to 1 billion credits

So I wrote a post back on June 03 about reaching that 1 billion credit target on one of my mules. Well, I was a little premature and kinda thought I would hit the 1 billion mark then and didn’t quite make it. The good news is I finally have this time – check it out 🙂 Not going to lie, it feels pretty damn good – I put a lot of effort into trading and keep records of everything I sell and the credits I make. Today is a good day in SWTOR!

SWTOR Trading 101

Tip of the day -Tip #1

If you’re like me and you have a crapload of mismatched armour pieces, new packs on the Cartel Market can sometimes be just the thing you need to match them all up as full sets. So tip for the day – if you’re trading in armour and you’re using cartel market items, remember to save those odd pieces of armour. That way when there are packs to buy on the CM, you’ll get a chance to match them into full sets and sell them!

Trading Companion Gifts

I have one toon that I use exclusively for trading companion gifts. Usually, this is actually a very profitable way to make credits. But now and then other players will lower the prices of almost everything on the GTN, forcing traders to trade in other items.  Continue reading → Trading Companion Gifts

One Billion Credits!

I’m pretty close to having one billion credits on one of my mules. That is pretty exciting stuff, right? I am over 6 billion credits in total now, I dunno if that qualifies me as one of the richest people in SWTOR but I remember when I couldn’t buy a single thing I wanted from the GTN. Now I experience the opposite – I have (almost) everything I could want in the game, and there is nothing really left for me to buy.