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To all the SWTOR haters…


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There is a lot of hate for SWTOR. I’ve felt it and I’ve read it and I’ve become irritated by it. And the reasons for the hate vary; everything from the Cartel Market “ripping” people off to the content/game itself being bad or unplayable. Continue reading → To all the SWTOR haters…

To guild or not to guild, that is the question…

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I’ve been playing SWTOR (off and on but mostly on) now since the beta and official release date in 2011. I suppose that kinda makes me a “veteran” because it’s the only game I’ve truly stuck to next to EQ (five years), WoW (two years) and Gears of War for about 2 years. Playing a game for that long gives you a certain “edge” that newcomers just won’t have. It also helps you to understand a few gaming “truths” that again, you can only truly understand through years of game play.  Continue reading → To guild or not to guild, that is the question…

Even the experienced can screw up

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Boy I made a stupid rookie mistake last night when I was putting items on the GTN for trading. I put an item that was worth 37 million credits on sale for 3.7 million credits… lol

I’ve never done that before so it took a while for me to get over the silliness of it all but it made me take heed. On the flip side, someone got a nice little present from me last night 🙂

Hunt for the Ardent Oracle

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So I updated instagram last night with my interesting armour hunting adventure that gave me a nice little surprise. Whilst looking over this awesome website TOR Fashion (my go-to site for everything related to SWTOR Armour) I stumbled upon a new armour set I hadn’t seen before – the Ardent Oracle. There was very little information on the armour, some people were asking about it in the comments but no replies. I went searching on SWTOR’s website as well and nobody in the forums could provide any details other than it was a new armour set and they were expecting it to drop in the next pack. That was 17 days ago.  Continue reading → Hunt for the Ardent Oracle

Best-laid plans of Sith and Revanites…


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I started creating some images for my SWTOR Instagram account and I’ve been using Canva templates to create them. This is the first one I did but see if you can spot where the problem is in the image:

Instagram Character Sheet

Continue reading → Best-laid plans of Sith and Revanites…

SWTOR Reported – EA “Support” Response


If you’ve ever reported something to customer service “support” before, you’ll be all too familiar with the response template that’s anything but personal sent from the “Support” staff. Here’s an example of a reply I received recently after reporting inappropriate player behaviour: Continue reading → SWTOR Reported – EA “Support” Response

Instagramming on the Darkside


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I created an Instagram account just for Star Wars related content a while ago. I decided in my infinite wisdom (yes, that’s sarcasm just in case you missed it :P) that it would be better if I separated general Star Wars content from SWTOR content so I could run the odd giveaway for SWTOR gamers and generally focus on trading, trading tips, and general SWTOR in-game content. Continue reading → Instagramming on the Darkside