Wattpad 101 – How long should a chapter be?

I’m just trying to come to grips with how things work on Wattpad. I’ve never used Wattpad before so I’m trying to familiarise myself with the site before I go throwing my words around the Wattpad community. Continue reading → Wattpad 101 – How long should a chapter be?


My Writing Journey – my Star Wars fanfic may be off hold… maybe…

I have decided to join Wattpad. I spent some time this evening setting it all up, delaying the inevitable event which is to actually write something. I don’t know what I am so afraid of. I wish I wasn’t like this. Being this way has held me back from so many missed opportunities in my life, but I can’t change how I feel about my writing. I am genuinely afraid to share my writing and I just don’t know why. I have felt this way all my life. So I thought that I would start where it all began, with my very first star wars fanfic. I originally put it on hold because I lost the inspiration to continue the story. But after reading some stories on Wattpad, I feel the spark in me reigniting once more, the need and the hunger I’ve always had to write is returning in a big way. Continue reading → My Writing Journey – my Star Wars fanfic may be off hold… maybe…

One Step Closer

Don’t turn away from me Hux!

It was time. There was no way that I was going to be late so I kept all other thoughts out of my head and focused. I didn’t want to talk myself out of this – this was going to happen! I walked towards the elevator and pressed the button to go up. I watched as the lights lit up, floor by floor. I never realised how big the Finalizer was until now. The very top floor was allocated to General Hux. Before I could access it, I had to use the intercom so that the guards could see who I was. My hand was shaking as I pressed the button.

“Yes?” an unknown male voice crackled through the speaker

I cleared my throat. “It’s… I mean, uh…”

“Identify yourself, now!” the voice interrupted

“Cadet XN2903 requesting permission for access”

“Fine. Step out so we can see you Cadet”

I looked up. A security camera was pointed down towards me. I did as the guard requested and stood directly under it. A few moments passed. I waited patiently for a reply.

“Access granted, you can open the doors”

I pressed the button and as the doors slowly opened, my stomach felt queasy. I had to steady myself for a moment. I stepped out of the elevator and the doors shut quickly behind me. I looked around but there was nothing to see but cold, dark, metal painted the same colour as everything else on the Finalizer.

I heard movement coming from further down the corridor. Two heavily armed special forces guards turned the corner and walked directly towards me.

“We’re your escort, Cadet. Let’s go”

Flanking me on either side, the guards walked in unison with me down the long corridor. We finally came to another heavily guarded door. One of the guards nodded and opened the door for me.

I hesitated.

“It isn’t wise to keep General Hux waiting” one of the guards mumbled,  pushing me inside.

I peered around the corner and could see a faint light coming from a room down the end of the hallway. I walked towards it, holding my hands together to stop them from shaking.