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Star Wars Artist of the Month!

I haven’t done an artist of the month for a while so here’s this month’s choice and what a wonderful artist it is. This artist’s work first caught my eye on Pinterest and then on Tumblr and I’ve been a fan of her art ever since

Here’s a piece of hers that I’ve always loved – Reylo fans, this is to die for!

The original art (cropped down so I could animate it)


And my little bit of animation, making this beautiful art come alive. Nothing is better than the art itself, but I like to think I add something that makes the art stand out even more. This artist is just fantastically talented – you can find her work here on tumblr.

KASIOPEA-STAR-WARS-EDIT01 (750px, 15fps).gif


SWCC badges are pretty cool!

Image via Milner’s blog

Is this cool or what. There are others, but this is my favourite 😁

@social media – This made me proud to be a Kiwi

“New Zealand banned semi-automatic rifles less than 24 hours after the New Zealand mosque shooting. They addressed the horror guns create and decided to choose their public’s safety. America, take notes”…

@status I just found out something I probably wasn’t supposed to

And it’s going to be bad for me yet again and while I have every faith in myself that it’s not me, it feels really bad right now 😥

@status Some people can be so petty

I think we could achieve so much more as individuals if we spent less time worrying about what other people do or say or think.

If we spent that time trying to be better people. I think this world would be a different place entirely.

What do you think?