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The beginning of my working week started 24 hours ago so I was unable to be awake when the new TRoS footage dropped but for those of you who still haven’t seen it, here it is. Remember that this is only a sizzle reel and not a full trailer. The Star Wars community think that the full trailer won’t drop until October BUT THIS IS AMAZING and I urge you to brace yourselves…

I’ll be blogging about this when I get home from work but for now I am jumping up and down and running around the room like a crazy person 😅


The Rise of Skywalker Official D23 Poster Release!

If you spent the early morning hours refreshing and flicking between social media accounts just to get a glimpse of anything from D23 like I did, you’ll be both elated and disappointed. There was no official footage released from the Disney Star Wars panel on Saturday so as fans, we had nothing more to go on other than tweets from journalists at the event and rumours from fans hastagged with #theriseofskywalker. Personally, I can understand why they didn’t reveal any behind the scenes footage. But at the same time, I still feel kind of starved of information about TRoS.

The good news is that Disney will be posting the Behind the Scenes footage on Monday so Tuesday in my country which is SO AMAZING but I still feel like they really could have given us a little more at D23, especially for the international fans having to wake up at all hours.

A new poster was indeed revealed and I’ve had some time to make edits in the meantime which has kept me happy for now 😂😁However, the fans want what the fans want and I’m just dying to see the BTS footage particularly one part of it which I won’t be discussing here as I plan to write my article about it for The Dorkside of the Force. You can read it there if you want.

Here’s my first edit – textless and colour-boosted:


Edit number two with gradients applied which I think looks really kind of cool if I do say so myself:


And the original poster revealed via Star Wars dot com:


Two more quick edits of The Mandalorian Official Poster

I’ve spent so much time today in the midst of all the fandom hype going on and I feel so overwhelmed by it all. I actually felt like I needed to do something with the images I’ve seen and creating these edits calmed me down considerably 😂

I even cried tears of joy at the announcement of Ewan McGregor returning as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Kenobi A Star Wars Story – it really was more emotional than I expected.

So here are a couple of edits I did just you know, because 😂

Edit One – Poster minus the branding


And completely textless with colour edits:


D23 2019 – SPOILERS! The Rise of Skywalker trailer leaks and The Mandalorian Poster!!


I’ve learned in the past from live blogging events relating to Star Wars as they happen has it’s ups and downs. For the most part it’s thrilling and exciting to be seeing footage or media the same time as the rest of the world. As I live in New Zealand, we don’t get a lot of official coverage here for any of these events, not the type of media you want to see as opposed to regurgitated articles from Reddit. As a SERIOUS Star Wars fan, I want what everyone else wants but sometimes, that just can’t happen. So I do the next best thing and wait and watch and refresh all of my social media accounts because I know SOMEONE in the fandom will come through!!

Today is no exception, these video clips are quickly being deleted from Twitter and everywhere else but I still managed to get hold of one. Here is the latest The Rise of Skywalker trailer footage live from D23 2019. Sourced from Instagram @starwarsallthetime:

CAN YOU SEE THIS?? Rey speaks!! And Kylo Ren removing his glove to touch Vader’s Mask!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU…

With that footage we also get the official The Mandalorian poster and it’s beautiful!! Look at the colouring in this poster! From my limited design knowledge, this poster is actually perfect! Sourced from Reddit.


Vector Tuts Photoshop Tutorial – Adding a Bokeh Effect to your image

Yay! I am finally back again doing tutorial reviews which I love. It’s one of my favourite blogging posts because I like to have a record of what I’m learning and how I’m improving as I go.

This tutorial was a great choice for several reasons, the first being I had never created a Bokeh effect of my own from scratch before. I have used Bokeh effects in my images with someone else’s actions so I was really happy to learn this technique. Secondly, ALL of the assets were available online! If you recall my last attempt at a tutorial, it went very badly and I ended up wasting valuable time doing nothing at all because the tutorial was too old and all of the assets were no longer available online. So I have become better prepared for this situation by choosing tutorials more wisely to blog about.


Time: 15 minutes

Level: Beginner

Comment: I really enjoyed this tutorial but I can’t give it a full.10 out of 10 rating because not all of the steps were included in either the video tutorial or the written tutorial. It took some time to actually get all of the settings correct before being able to complete it. So for that reason, it’s getting an 8 out of 10. However, I was very pleased to see all of the assets available to download so you can get to creating right away.

Rating: 8/10

Here is the before stock image:


And my edit with the Bokeh effect applied:



Another Star Wars is Poetry edit

It’s really lovely to be able to use all of the edits I so painstakingly created for my new blog. It actually feels like all those hours I put into editing in Photoshop is somehow paying off (except just not in a monetary way), and I’m very okay with that.

I was a little disappointed to go on Reddit the other day to see one of my edits posted there straight from this website without a single credit, not even to the original artist! That really annoyed me. Firstly because well, it was my edit, and secondly because the art actually belongs to someone! This is just really awful to do. I actually had to stop venturing out to specific social media sites because I couldn’t handle seeing all of my edits on other people’s blogs with their names taking credit for making them.

So there is a dark side to sharing your art or edits or anything you create online. I know this which is why I prefer to just stick to my own blog and upload my creations or whatever and be thankful that people appreciate them enough to steal 😂I guess that’s really the only way to look at it positively.

So here is my edit for the day – I remember making this one, and it took ages to clean the image up and make it look half decent. I also just realised I didn’t crop it correctly on the left-hand side, but I’m too tired to change it now so I’ll fix it up tomorrow 🤣 Fixed!



Some HUGE movie news – The Matrix 4 is coming and Spider-Man leaves the MCU

Wow, it has been a really BIG day for movie news, first with the news regarding Sony pulling out of their deal with Marvel for the Spider-Man Franchise and then news of the new Matrix film that has been confirmed for filming next year! Both of these franchises are very close to my heart, particularly The Matrix having been a fan of Keanu Reeves for as long as I can remember. So you see, I do venture outside of the Galaxy far far away sometimes!

It’s actually great news to hear about The Matrix film being confirmed because with the Skywalker Saga ending this year, I am going to have to put all of my fandom fangirling energy into something else. The next season of Cobra Kai also begins shooting next month but now that I have another huge movie franchise to get behind, it’s going to be an interesting thing to see how much hype the new film gets in the next few months.

Star Wars is Poetry is still ticking along and new followers are slowly joining the fold. I decided to use one of my edits, this really nice image of Luke for an update for the blog so here it is: