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Star Wars is Poetry – Star Wars Jedi Apprentice: The Rising Force


Author(s) Dave Wolverton

Cover artist Cliff Nielsen

Publication information

Publisher Scholastic Inc.

Release date May 3, 1999[1]

Media type – Paperback

Pages – 176


Timeline – 44 BBY[2]

Series – Jedi Apprentice

This is an e-book that I’m currently reading and let’s just say that there are a lot of cross-references happening in the expanded Star Wars universe, and I mean, blatantly obvious references.

Here’s the first example which is taken from the first page of the book: Continue reading → Star Wars is Poetry – Star Wars Jedi Apprentice: The Rising Force


MAGA and the Native American protest controversy

Like the millions of other people who viewed the video on YouTube showing the MAGA smiling teenager in front of the man banging on his drum I say “wtf is actually going on here?”

Continue reading → MAGA and the Native American protest controversy

If there was a Breakfast Club 2

The Breakfast Club is one of my favourite movies and just never grows old. Thinking about this movie this morning, imagine if they did a follow up film that catches up with the characters after what 40 years later? Wouldn’t that be amazing though? I’d love to see whether or not their experiences from the first film had any lasting or meaningful impact on their lives now as adults. Who did they become?

I think this movie needs to be a thing like, for real 😎🀩🀩

Update #2 on the Super bowl Star Wars Episode IX rumour

Another update from the same person over on Reddit’s r/starwarsleaks subreddit confirming that Pepsi now wants the program schedule slots that were going to be allocated to the episode IX teaser. Sounds a little suspect now πŸ˜… but like everyone else torn over this leak being legit, I’m keeping options open as anything can happen. It’s Star Wars, afterall.

@work I woke up with a migraine

and was contemplating not going to work but me being me of course, I went to work. Migraine seems to be subsiding after taking my meds so I think I’ll be okay.

Would you go to work with a migraine or am I just weird 🀣😒

Do you ever have those days…

when you feel like nobody is listening to you and you feel overwhelmed by the smallest of things? I am having a day like that today and I don’t know why 😫

Update on Star Wars Episode IX Super Bowl rumour

So the source was confirmed as legit by Reddit moderators but the information itself was not. So the contact at CBS is probably legit but we still don’t have confirmation from Disney or anyone else official yet.

I’m still watching it regardless because that’s good enough for me πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ