Recommend a book, please!

You may have read on Pinterest or some site that likes to blog memes, random facts, factoids for specific subjects like writing or any other social media site that to write well you must also read. I used to be addicted to reading. I have no idea why I stopped. I doubt there was a very good reason because I’d remember it. But here it is, and today I spent some time on my lunch break going through various “recommend me a book” websites like Goodreads to try and find my next book.

I’ve had some suggestions from workmates, but I didn’t like wuxia because it just didn’t feel like me. It’s hard to explain, but I went to multiple websites to try and find my next book and came up empty-handed. Of the millions of books on planet Earth, I couldn’t find one book that took my fancy from all of the ones I saw.

The genres I am interested in are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Horror, Cyberpunk and I’ve read quite a few books considered “romance”, but I wouldn’t call myself a Mills and Boon reader if that makes sense. So I thought I’d ask my followers and readers of anything they could suggest with the above genres in mind? I also love Vampires and Supernatural and Paranormal, too.

Even though this book doesn’t really fit any of those categories well, one of the last books I read and absolutely loved was The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller who is a romance but not in the way that you’d think! I think this is one of the most endearing things about this story because it flips a few characters taken from history upside down, and the end result is just fantastic.

Some of my favourite (non-Star Wars) books are Magician by Raymond E. Feist, Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice, Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and The Martian by Andy Weir.

If you know of any books that you’ve really enjoyed or that would fit my taste from the examples above, please leave me a comment, and I’ll go check them out 🙂

Do you have a personal mantra that you try to follow?

I blogged about having a personal “mantra” last month as part of a discussion I was actually having with myself on what I want to do and where I want to go in my life.

No joke, those questions are probably some of the hardest questions I’ve ever had to answer, and I don’t think I’ve been able to answer them yet – I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to really. I have a rough idea of what I want to do, but it hasn’t been an easy road, and it’ll only get more challenging before I’m in a place where I will feel good about myself.

As I was reading, I came across the above phrase, which was actually pretty close to what I think I was trying to express. Although, if you had asked me that same question six years ago, I would have had a very different answer.


Is’nt it funny how time can change your entire perspective on life and even your own opinion of yourself and your values. I know mine have taken a drastic turn. I am usually the type of person that had never doubted where I was going or what I was going to do when I got there. Today, I am not as confident of either of those things.

What about you? Have you ever had an experience in your life so profound that it changed your outlook or your views on life entirely? I suppose that sounds kind of dramatic, but it really isn’t. I don’t believe you can really go through life without hitting significant obstacles in the road. Have you ever had one of these and if so, what did you do to get over that obstacle? Do you live by a specific “code” or mantra or something similar that you aspire to?

I’ve been thinking about this website and the reason I started it in the first place. And I see this website as a canvas of sorts, an artwork that is ever-changing and evolving as I do. That said, there is a part of me that is holding onto the writer within, the teenager that wrote and wrote until her hand went numb, the freelance journalist that never thought she could get a byline and that person is waiting for a chance to shine again.

So along with my other creative endeavours, I want to write more. I need to feed that monster clawing under my skin.

Fantasy Sci Fi Portrait Photo Manip #1 is almost done

So I am going to come right out and say that I know I didn’t update with an edit yesterday and that is because I have spent way too much time trying to perfect this Warp tool technique.

I am going to show you an unfinished edit that I’ve been working on, and while it may not look like much right now, it’s a lot more involved than the other pieces I’ve been creating lately.

I am going to turn this:


Into something that looks like this:


My current image looks quite different from this one, and there are several reasons for that because the tutorial is two years old, and half the assets used are no longer available! So I had to improvise.

Here’s a little peek of what I’ve done so far. As you can see the background image is very different from the one in the pic above, but I actually love this process. I am almost done, and the finished manip will be up tomorrow with the tutorial details.


I’m at work on a public holiday

In my country today is a public holiday (Queens birthday) and I had to work today because two of my teammates wanted time off. I don’t really mind it just means my partner is bored out of his mind at home 😂

I do have some work related news, even though I did say I wouldn’t talk about work publicly. What I will say is that tables are turning, management has changed and may still be changing and this is great news.

That’s all I can say for now. I hope you’re enjoying your day off or your weekend. I’ll be back tonight with another edit for Edit A Day.

Thanks for reading!

Pinterest Update #6 – Moving on up once more!

If you’ve been following my Pinterest posts and updates, you’ll know that the world of social media and in particular, Pinterest, can be very up and down. When I first started using Pinterest, I was not a very dedicated pinner. It took some time for me to realise just how useful Pinterest is and in particular, how good Pinterest is at generating interest in what you do. I use Pinterest primarily for collecting images of the areas I focus on such as Writing, Film, Graphic Design and Star Wars. Since 2017 I have collected over 20,000 images on my Star Wars board alone and more than 50,000 images in total.

My last update shared the following stats from Pinterest:


And on the follower side of things:


These are my current stats as of today 28/05/2019: Continue reading → Pinterest Update #6 – Moving on up once more!

Imitation is the sincerest form of disrespect

I saw this while I was pinning pins on Pinterest and it struck a chord with me, especially since I do this very thing!

Am I being disrespectful to the artists I admire and the artists that inspire me by using their work or methods to create?

I find this statement is the very opposite of what I try to do with my creations. I feel quite incensed by this actually. I am at work right now and can only post this really quickly but I’d love to hear your thoughts, even if you agree 😁

My Kylo Ren Vanity Fair edit

So I got a little carried away with my blog posts earlier today because I was so hyped and excited for the new images and when the updated textless images were uploaded, well…  I could hardly keep my excitement in check. I just had to post them and post them I did! Well, I spent some time thinking about an edit for the Kylo Ren image because Kylo is my fave 😍🥰 and this is what I came up with: