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Updated images without text!

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I’ve been sick…

Not a big deal but my partner and I both experienced food poisoning on the weekend and it hit me really bad. I was throwing up and running to the loo off and on for a 48 hour period and I’ve barely eaten anything. I had some toast this morning and I’m starting to feel hungry again but my stomach still feels really tender.

So I haven’t updated social media or my blog for a few days. Hopefully, I can get back to edits again tonight 😊

Game of Thrones – Final Season Episode five


Well, wasn’t that a treat?

So as mentioned in an earlier post, I already know what is going to happen thanks to confirmed spoilers on Reddit but I have to say that I actually liked this episode. Many GoT fans didn’t but oh well, I thought it was good.

I thought Dany turning into the angry, dragon queen was awesome however, I don’t know how Jon will deal with Angry Dany. You could see by the expression on his face that his heart was breaking as he watched the terror unfolding in the streets. I don’t see Dany coming back from this one, nope, not at all, and if Jon manages to forgive her, my respect for him will cease to exist.

Cersei and Jaime were just tragic together, weren’t they? As mean and as evil as Cersei is, she looked so vulnerable and so very human in that final scene. I may or may not have shed a tear or three for her and Jaime, as twisted as they were together.

And then there’s Arya. How epic was her escape though? It was sensational how the cameras followed her tripping and falling and being crushed by just about everyone. I was happy to see she survived. She fared better than most. She’s still the Hero Of Winterfell to me.

I know what’s coming but I also feel very nervous for the end. If this experience is anything to go by though, I’m SUPER keen for the producers to unleash their creativity on the Old Republic.

Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker Edits

I’ve been a little unfocused recently and I don’t know why I am so distracted but I think it’s because I’ve spent quite a few hours reading and watching tutorials and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. That said, after watching a video clip on Adobe Create, I’ve been reinspired to create something. I think the part of the process I am struggling with is the planning of the project and trying to make what is in my head a reality. I struggle with that quite a bit I think.

I watched this video clip with Lisa Carney who is now my new hero. She is currently a graphic design retoucher who works in the entertainment industry which is exactly where I want to go with my design work. It’s really my dream job to do what she does. And she has had years of experience and I’ve had zip. This is also an obstacle I must overcome and probably the biggest one I will encounter, lacking the work experience to start working as a designer.

In the meantime I am still learning in Photoshop and came up with these at the end of it. What do you think?

This is the initial image I used to create the rest: I created this in photoshop first – Kylo Ren


And Rey:


And I took these background images and went through multiple changes creating in photoshop:

Kylo Ren 2 of 3


And the final image 3  of 3:


And Rey 2 of 3


And 3 of 3


Now that I know who Rey is, I’m spoiled forever

Some time last week I read a spoiler that was an actual true spoiler and well, my experience of the last movie is spoiled.

I have noone but myself to blame, even though I wasn’t particularly looking for spoilers that day, I just had to click.

Unlike previous posts which were all labeled as Rumors on Reddit, this is classified as a leak of actual, legitimate information about the books releasing at the end of the year.

That’s why I don’t doubt it and why my visits to social media sites now has me cringing a little.

I’m not going to spoil anyone else’s experience because I’m not like that. But I kinda wish I hadn’t seen it in all honesty.

RIP – Peter Mayhew, Forever Chewbacca

I’ve seen a lot of news websites posting about Peter Mayhew and I didn’t really want to make a post about his passing because I felt that so many websites were using the news as click bait. And they do this without a single thought because it’s news. But Peter Mayhew was the original Chewbacca and will always be “the” Chewbacca for me. Having grown up with the OT, I never really ever thought he would get replaced or needed to be replaced as the Mighty Chewbacca. That’s not to say that the new actor is bad or not as good or anything like that, he seems to be taking the role to a good place as well. But it’s kind of like saying that (as an example) they could easily replace Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy because they just can’t. She’ll always be the only “Buffy” for me as Peter Mayhew will always be the only Chewbacca. Does that make sense? I hope so.

Image via Google

I’d like to wish Peter’s family and friends my deepest condolences. Peter brought so much to his role as Chewbacca and has made such a deep and lasting impact on so many lives as a result.

May he rest in peace, The Mighty Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew 1944 – 2019

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Star Wars!

So last night I went to see Star Wars A New Hope with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra playing all of John Williams’ compositions and honestly, the experience has ruined Star Wars A New Hope for me forever because it was SO amazing. It was the Special Edition version but that’s OK, I am not too fussed about the extra footage (as some fans are I think) and the NZSO made up for it anyway.

Here is a pic I took from the stadium:

I’m going to see The Empire Strikes Back tonight for more of the same awesomeness. If you ever get a chance to experience this, PLEASE do because you will never see Star Wars like this – it really is something special with the music being played right in front of you.

It’s probably the best Star Wars Day May the 4th experience I’ve ever had. Are you doing or did you do anything special for Star Wars day? Let me know in the comments if you’re keen 🙂