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Luke Skywalker’s Light Saber – Giclee Art Prints by DigitalTheory on ETSY

So I wasn’t feeling 100 percent when I got home from work and really just wanted to curl up in front of my TV in my PJs with a hot cup of Milo but I wanted to make at least one quick edit after seeing this amazing art work from DigitalTheory – you can check out his work on Etsy

Here’s the original art (no edits at all) which you can buy from his store as Giclee Art Prints


and my edit after adding a few pretty light animations to it – I think it compliments the beautiful art just right 😁

il_fullxfull.846530323_jxk7 (1000px, 25fps).gif

I’ve been sick…

Not a big deal but my partner and I both experienced food poisoning on the weekend and it hit me really bad. I was throwing up and running to the loo off and on for a 48 hour period and I’ve barely eaten anything. I had some toast this morning and I’m starting to feel hungry again but my stomach still feels really tender.

So I haven’t updated social media or my blog for a few days. Hopefully, I can get back to edits again tonight 😊

Sith Weekly Magazine – Mockup

I blogged about this in my last post, so if you’ve been keeping up with my posts recently, you’ll know that I have returned to SWTOR and I’m now trying to blend creativity with some aspects of SWTOR gaming. I used to blog about fashion inside the universe of SWTOR so it would be good to get back to that maybe a weekly post discussing current armour set releases and cartel market updates.

I was fooling around in Photoshop earlier, and somehow I ended up with this πŸ˜‚SITH.png

I dunno about you but I think it looks Okay – I’d definitely pick up a magazine if it were all about Sith life and fashion what πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ so do you think about it? Good, bad, silly, all of the above? Feel free to comment friends. I am just wondering if I should post this on social media … πŸ˜‚πŸ€£