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Quote of the Day

“He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”
Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

Star Wars Art of the Day

@venamis on Instagram is another one of my favourite Star Wars artists and this piece is amazing!

Follow for follow?

I understand “follow for follow” but I don’t support it. The whole idea behind social media is you get to choose who you interact with and support. Being able to choose is the point of social media; choose who to like, who to dislike, who to praise and who to block.

I received a message once from someone who had followed me and wanted to know why I didn’t follow back like I had broken some sort of rule. This is 2019, toughen up, please. If I like what you post, I’ll follow, simple as that.

30 degrees!

So the weather in my country right now is a big deal. The reason is because my city is known for having a relatively nice, temperate climate. But due to a recent heatwave that is killing animals in Australia (thankfully, nothing as bad here so far), the temperature yesterday got to 30 degrees Celsius with 67 percent humidity. This is very warm for my city. Usually, the temperature doesn’t get any higher than mid 20s in summer. For those readers not using the metric system, that’s about 86 Fahrenheit.

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Star Wars is Poetry – From a Certain Point of View

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When Obi-Wan was on the death star, he couldn’t bring himself to use Darth Vader’s real name because he said it would undo him…

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To monetise or not, that is the question…

A few months ago I was approached by some online seller to advertise on my Instagram account. I thought this was highly irregular because I have less than 4000 followers on my IG and figured this place was trying to scam me somehow. After some researching I was able to confirm that they were a legit business looking to advertise their products for a fee.

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