My Star Wars Gifs and Edits

Star Wars is Poetry – Quote of the Day

I wanted to make an edit from an image I saw on Pinterest and I came up with this and then started thinking about how much of an impact Carrie Fisher had on the Star Wars fandom. And I made this as a small tribute to her legacy on IG.

Carrie Fisher, the Princess of Alderaan, we miss you!

Made by Darkside Creative

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My Star Wars Gifs and Edits Star Wars

Star Wars A New Hope Animated Poster

The new Star Wars posters have finally arrived in semi-HD quality, and after looking at the image for Star Wars A New Hope (also in my favourite colour, purple!), I really wanted to add a few animations to it to see what it would look like.

I am pretty happy with the end result, I think it looks quite pretty – what do you think?