So I wasn’t really planning on leaving here before Xmas. I decided I would wait because I pulled out of the last job recruitment process as it just didn’t feel right. That was because the job I wanted, they got back to me saying I was not inline with what they were offering in terms of dollars.

But they called me back and now I have an interview next week.

I am excited.


Have you ever stopped to think about the legacy of your parents, what they are leaving behind in you? I have actually thought about this often over the years, particularly when something happens in my life that I can’t explain or excuse in some way.

Not a big deal really but I’ve finally updated my blog theme and I like the change. It’s still dark because it’s “darksider” confessions and it wouldn’t suit light colours. I think it’s better because it highlights what’s most important to my blog and that is the writing.

I hope people visiting my blog will like it 🙂

I think the main reason why I like coming into work early is because I enjoy it when nobody is around. I like it when there are less people.

Sometimes people just annoy me.