Inside Photoshop Part I – Duotones

While I’m learning Graphic Design techniques, I thought it would be a good idea to also learn new photoshop techniques unrelated to the graphic design course. This gives me a way of learning outside of the course and helps to mix up the learning that I’m doing, so it doesn’t get stale. Sometimes that can happen, especially if you’re someone like me who gets bored very quickly if I’m not learning something new. I don’t like to stay on one topic for too long, so I decided to teach myself two things I’ve wanted to learn for some time – 1. How to make Pastel GIFs for social media posts and 2. How to create Duotone images. Continue reading → Inside Photoshop Part I – Duotones


Poster Final Proof – Graphic Design Part IV

If you’re still following my little journey down the Graphic Design rabbit hole, you’ll know that I’ve recently started studying Graphic Design for beginners through a UDEMY course online. As I’ve had time to work through the first part of this course and complete example work or “proofs” as they’re called in the biz,😁 I’ve also spent a little time looking around for other classes or learning paths. I actually forgot all about PHLEARN which is yet another way to learn Photoshop techniques that can be applied to just about anything including Graphic Design. I’ve also found a heap of great resource websites and one particularly cool Graphic Designer that I discovered reading articles on Medium.

This guy is the real deal, and he is currently earning NZD 15,000.00 a month for the work that he does. What’s most inspiring to me is not that he is making wads of cash but that he is a real-world example of someone I can look up to as he lives and works in my home town.😁 What this means for me at least, is that it’s possible to make an excellent living from doing Graphic Design as a freelancer, even in my country. And that is my ultimate end game plan; to be working from home and earning money as a freelance journalist/editor/designer. My ideas may be big but I think dreams are meant to be followed and it’s something I am very passionate about.

So, to finish off, I just wanted to show you all the final proofs I did of the previous poster (the first proofs were examples of what not to do apparently), but I didn’t know that until I finished this section of the course lol 😁😂

Annnyway here they are. In the first image, obviously the layer colour has changed to a much nicer, prettier blue from the purple and the gross green wedge at the bottom has also gone:


And finally, my last proof using a slightly brighter blue colour layer but I’ve added texture to the background with a texture brush so that the background doesn’t look so bland or flat:

POSTER 11X17 V3.jpg

My First Poster – Graphic Design Part III

Previously I mentioned that I had started studying Graphic Design on Udemy. I’ve spent about four hours of study so far learning some new techniques in Photoshop. Some of these techniques I’ve used before and others are entirely new to me, so I am already filling in gaps in my knowledge of Photoshop which is excellent!

The examples here are my first attempts at making an actual poster so it’s a mock-up of how a potential client’s poster could look if that’s what they wanted me to design.

One of the things I’ve learned already is that as a Graphic Designer, you have to look at every possibility and provide the best of those to your clients, whoever they may be. What you like and what seems right to you means very little to the client if they want something specific. You have to put aside what you like and put yourself in your client’s shoes. They may choose a colour scheme that is totally wrong for the design, but if that’s what they want, you have to create it.

And I experienced a bit of that making these posters because straightaway I didn’t like some of the things the lecturer was doing with the text etc. but I followed along without question because I wanted to learn everything, even how to make obnoxious colours look good on a poster.

So here’s example mock-up poster number 1:


With the lettering, I decided it looked better with a stroke added to it to make it stand out more. I added that myself 😉

And example number 2:

POSTER 11X17 EDIT02.jpg

The best part about all of this is that I am going to apply these techniques to making Star Wars related content for my blog and Instagram and I just can’t wait!! 😁

Learning Graphic Design – Part II

I’ve spent about an hour and a half of study time this week learning how to make a poster from scratch. And let me tell you this course is amazing! The tutor is so easy to follow and I am learning so much, slowly but surely filling in the gaps in my knowledge which is just awesome.

Even at this stage of learning, I’m 110 percent committed to this. I just can’t wait to show you what I’ve learned! 😁😄

Graphic Design 101: I’m a Udemy student now!

This is just a quick update before I go to work, but I wanted to update my progress as I go. I spent some time yesterday looking at online courses to take, and quite a few websites I visited mentioned Udemy, so I checked them out. I did say yesterday that I wasn’t prepared to pay for a course when there were so many free options online, but I decided to pay for two courses through Udemy because they had a HUGE sale with about 90 per cent off most of their courses. It was too good to pass up so I spent 30 NZD (about 22 USD) on two courses that would usually have cost more than 200 bucks! I felt really good about that.

So I’ve started learning the basics of Graphic Design, and the course I’m taking so far is actually excellent. Not that I am surprised, but I’ve tried online learning in the past and let’s just say it wasn’t anywhere near as good as this Udemy course.

I’ll blog more tonight but suffice to say I’m slowly making progress and on my way 🙂

First Steps – Learning Graphic Design: Part I

If you were wondering about the title, yes I used the Star Wars quote for Rey when she first begins her journey to become a Jedi like Luke Skywalker. Unlike Rey, this is real life and without a doubt is more than likely going to be a lot more hard work, but I’m good with that.

I have a day off from work today, so I’m using it to scour the internet for free design courses worthy of my time. Time is something that alludes us until we realise we don’t have enough of it! I don’t have a lot of free time, and what free time I do have I’ll be using to upskill myself, and I’m really serious about this (for once).

So the other day I mentioned I was looking at some online courses at the local design school called YooBee. Well, that kind of fell through when I saw their fees. It’s not that I don’t want to spend any money on upskilling, it’s just that I am sure there are other options available before I start pulling out the credit card. If I can’t find something I want that way, I’ll revisit the idea of YooBee and spending money to learn.

I’ve decided that along with learning how to draw, I need to fill the gaps in my knowledge of Photoshop and After Effects. Once I’ve done that, I might focus on InDesign and possibly Illustrator so that I have an array of different tools to use should I need to.

Once I’ve done that, I’m going to focus on Graphic Design basics and go from there. This sounds like a good plan but I’m leaving room for it to change should I need to change it for whatever reason.

I briefly discussed leaving work to pursue Graphic Design full time and my partner was OK with it. While the idea seems straight forward, it really isn’t. I don’t want to have to rely on my partner for everything, and if I’m studying, it means I’ll be eligible for financial support, but it’ll be a lot less than what I’m earning in my current job. That’s a problem for me, and if I can’t resolve it, I’ll need a plan B.