So I learned a thing about “NSFW” tags today

My fanfic is in its infancy (three very short posts) and has already attracted some “interesting” followers. I am guessing it’s the NSFW tag I have mentioned in my description but still, it’s a little unsettling. I mean, sure, parts of my fan fic will be NSFW but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be… Read More So I learned a thing about “NSFW” tags today

One Step Closer

General Hux’s private quarters was on the top floor. Before I could access it, I had to use the intercom so that the guards could see who I was. My hand was shaking as I held down the button.… Read More One Step Closer

Hux Part 2

I’ve seen a side to General Hux that is dangerous and menacing. A side of him that he seems to share openly and without regret. Could he be the perfect man? … Read More Hux Part 2


“What’s wrong? I thought you liked pain, I thought you liked… bruises”… Read More Encounter


But those eyes, so blue. His skin, his hair, and those lips…… Read More Connection