The training on-board the Finalizer is brutal and exhausting. But I like seeing the bruises on my body. Bruises mean progress and that’s why I’m here.… Read More Bruises


“You are a weapon, my young cadets. You are the weapon that will destroy all who oppose us. You are the weapon that will forge a new Galaxy, a galaxy where order will be restored!”… Read More Induction

Hux Part 1

Nobody would believe that General Hux hand-picked me to join his crew… me!… Read More Hux Part 1


It doesn’t feel real. In one week I’ll be onboard The Finalizer. I never dreamed I’d get this far.… Read More Achievement

The Meeting

For the first time, I noticed his strikingly handsome face. His cheekbones were angular and his face lean and flawless. The First Order uniform was dark which clashed alongside his pale skin… Read More The Meeting