Personal Post – COVID-19 Has Returned to My City

I’m not sure if you have or are keeping tabs on the status of COVID-19 around the world, but yesterday they confirmed we have had a resurgence of COVID-19. It was confirmed today by our Prime Minister that it has resurfaced as community transmission and that they don’t know where it originated. This is the scariest part for me, as one location of the infected family is less than 10 minutes from where I live!

So my city (Auckland) is now in lockdown once more and at Alert Level Three while the rest of New Zealand goes into Alert Level Two. I have already been working from home full-time since March, and they confirmed it only last week that this will now be a permanent thing for many people I work with. And as I work in an industry that is considered “essential services” by the government, I will work all the way through.

I can already feel my anxiety levels rising once more, and I had a terrible sleep and tossed and turned. My partner was the same – last night we wanted to see whether we could get some essential grocery items from our local supermarket. But wow! Forget that – the traffic was so bad everyone was bumper to bumper panic buying. It was so bad, Countdown had to shut its doors two hours early due to the sheer volume of people trying to buy groceries. We have also had instances of the police being called in because panic buyers were forcing their way into Countdown stores and overwhelming the security guards.

So I am going to once again, throw myself into my writing and keeping my blogs updated and my mind off what is going out outside for as long as possible. This is the only way I know how to control my anxiety.

So expect to see a lot more posts from me in the coming days while our country confirms on Friday whether or not to go further into lockdown.

Thanks for reading, I hope you are all safe where you are!