I had a title for this post but it went bye bye…

I get most of my blog posts on the fly, that is, I don’t sit at my desk for weeks planning my blog posting strategy like a chess match. Some people might do this, and it might be really successful for them, but that’s not me. So quite a lot of the content I write is about my daily experiences – my feelings sometimes if I feel like blogging about them, or my thoughts on reading other people’s blogs and how it made me feel or think or react. Continue reading → I had a title for this post but it went bye bye…


Right now…

Right now I feel like standing up and yelling at the top of my voice. I want to walk towards the door and never come back to this awful place. I have absolutely no reason to want to be here anymore. Anything good that I felt for this place died some time ago. I’m only here because my pride and my stubbornness refuse to let me leave.

A Blog with Purpose

I’ve read many blog posts about how to improve traffic to your blog, how to get more people to read what you write etc. At the end of the day, none of those things will matter if your blogging no longer has a purpose. Continue reading → A Blog with Purpose

Testing Hashtags on Instagram – Part 3

So this post is about a week overdue, but that’s OK because I want to post about the changes I’ve seen on my Instagram account since first testing hashtags. I started this little mini social media experiment on the 20th of February, and for almost a solid month, I avoided using any hashtags in my posts. This experiment was to test what type of impact using hashtags has on posts if any at all. After a month of not using hashtags, I can see a slight difference between not using hashtags and using hashtags.

Continue reading → Testing Hashtags on Instagram – Part 3

Star Wars Artist of the Month!

I haven’t done an artist of the month for a while so here’s this month’s choice and what a wonderful artist it is. This artist’s work first caught my eye on Pinterest and then on Tumblr and I’ve been a fan of her art ever since

Here’s a piece of hers that I’ve always loved – Reylo fans, this is to die for!

The original art (cropped down so I could animate it)


And my little bit of animation, making this beautiful art come alive. Nothing is better than the art itself, but I like to think I add something that makes the art stand out even more. This artist is just fantastically talented – you can find her work here on tumblr.

KASIOPEA-STAR-WARS-EDIT01 (750px, 15fps).gif