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Cartel Update Week Ending 08/04 – HUGE sale on the CM!

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If you haven’t heard about the HUGE and I do mean huge sale that is on the Cartel Market right now, you should definitely NOT miss out on this one. If you’ve been waiting for a certain set to come back on the market or like me, you’re just hoping to fill in some gaps for your armour collection, NOW is the time people – the cartel market is absolutely stacked full of (almost) every single item that was ever sold on the cartel market. This includes some of the special packs such as the Gold Armour Pack (which is basically just several gold armour packs in one), Gold Mount Packs (same deal) and everything else you could possibly think of.

Star Wars Star Wars the Old Republic SWTOR

Cartel Market Update – Tythian Disciple Armour set

Another Cartel Market update showing off the Tythian Disciple Armour set for direct sale. It’s priced at 1700 cartel coins which I think is personally quite steep for this set. The image of the set on the Cartel Market makes it look like the head and chest piece both light up when in fact they don’t. The chest piece pulsates slightly but the headpiece is just red/orange coloured metal of some description.

Cartel Market Update 20/03/2018

The latest update on the Cartel Market has some interesting items for sale. The main one that caught my eye was the White colour crystals. I have quite a few of these stashed away so I’ll definitely be putting these up for sale soonish.

Cartel Market Week Ending 18/03/2018 – BLING for your weapon!!

This week’s cartel market updates aren’t all that exciting apart from most of the weapon tunings are on sale for a nice price at 1,620 cartel coins. Now, this might seem expensive to some, but I’m a huge fan of the tunings and I have them on every character I’ve created. The reason for this is because the tunings are just so bad-ass! They really do make your weapon come alive. You don’t want to be playing this game looking like everyone else right? Well, think of the weapon tunings as bling for your weapon – they make it stand out in a crowd. Is your weapon worth it? I say yes, you will not be disappointed.

Cartel Market Week Ending 04/03/2018

I’ve been looking at YouTube content for SWTOR – one guy on YouTube does a lot of the stuff I do in the game with a particular focus on trading. I’ve been thinking about YouTube and whether or not I should start streaming content or creating content for a Youtube channel that focuses on the stuff I like to do in SWTOR. He seems to be the only person really focusing on trading as opposed to gameplay (there are plenty of other YT channels that do that). So for now, it’s definitely an idea I’d like to think of some more.