Life on the Darkside – Personal Post

So just when I decide to go back to more posts and better communication on this blog, I lose my internet connection for almost two days! 😅☹️ Let’s just say it was difficult for me to be without an internet connection because since we’re in level 3 lockdown still (and no way of coming out… Read More Life on the Darkside – Personal Post

Personal Post – Blog Clean-Up Time!

Just a quick post to say that I spent some time yesterday cleaning up my blog post hierarchy, and now I have everything sitting where it should be. I’ve wanted to move particular types of content over to my other blogs for some time but just never got around to doing it. All movie-related content… Read More Personal Post – Blog Clean-Up Time!

Community Showcase Series

If you have at least one person that appreciates you, you have a lot. That is kind of what I’ve learned over the last few months of blogging.
Your community really is everything.… Read More Community Showcase Series

Darkside Creative’s Logo Evolution

They say that the first thing that people notice about you is your attitude. When it comes to online presence, what do you think your followers and potential followers think of your blog? What is the first thing they see?… Read More Darkside Creative’s Logo Evolution