Darth Malgus Motion Art – SWTOR

Hi everyone! So I am slowly easing back into regular posts again, and since I haven’t done an art-related post in a really long while, I thought I’d make some motion art for Pinterest and for here (of course!) Here’s one I did of Darth Malgus taken from the new SWTOR background, which I just… Read More Darth Malgus Motion Art – SWTOR

Darth Malgus Motion Art

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well . I know I’ve been blogging a lot of edits and art lately and I hope everyone is enjoying these edits! I’ve felt very creative lately and I also want to get into the habit of creating content for my blog and IG more often. Here’s… Read More Darth Malgus Motion Art

Star Wars: The Old Republic Era – Who is Darth Malgus?

You may have heard of Darth Malgus – given name Veradun who was a very powerful Sith lord during the Old Republic time line. I have posted about him before because he was one of the most skilled and formidable Sith warriors to exist at the time and was a successful warlord who lead countless… Read More Star Wars: The Old Republic Era – Who is Darth Malgus?

Darth Malgus Motion Art

While I have spent many years off and on playing SWTOR and reading star wars books, I never knew that Darth Malgus had a completely different name. It makes sense, however, as most Sith lords adopted different names when they became Sith. It’s strange to imagine a Sith lord as a “normal” person. It’s also… Read More Darth Malgus Motion Art

Best-laid plans of Sith and Revanites…

  I started creating some images for my SWTOR Instagram account and I’ve been using Canva templates to create them. This is the first one I did but see if you can spot where the problem is in the image: