Lucasfilm Games – Darth Revan Returns in the KOTOR Remake!

Hello my friends and Happy Friday (for anyone in the Southern hemisphere!) I woke up to some AMAZING trailer releases today, including the first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections (only my favourite movie of all time!), a new Dexter New Blood trailer AND the new LUCASFILM Games teaser for their new KOTOR REMAKE!!!

If you haven’t seen it, here it is in all its beautiful dark side glory, lol 😅

Peace is a lie!

I have not played the original KOTOR game, but everyone that has played it says it’s one of the best Star Wars games ever made! This trailer is for the remake that Lucasfilm Games are undertaking. And, of course, the huge reveal that Darth Revan is obviously the main antagonist in the game. If you know anything about the Old Republic, you’ll know why so many fans are excited about this. Revan’s story is amazing and full of many ups and downs, going from light to dark to light again. It’s an incredible story. I highly recommend you look into it if you can!

I am still playing SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic), but there is no way I am not playing this, And seeing the Lucasfilm logo on the game makes this so worth it! I am so happy to see them branching out into the gaming market. People know exactly what they’ll get – the best possible quality content at the highest standard because that’s what George Lucas always delivered. Hopefully, his legacy of working hard and producing the best work for the fans will carry on with Lucasfilm Games.

Yup, I am a George Lucas fangirl and proud of it, So join me in the comments friends, let me know what you think of the above trailer. Will you play the game?

Stay safe out there, everyone, and I’ll catch you in my next post!

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New Isotonic Art – Keanu Reeves as Darth Revan

Going through my social media this morning, I came upon this beauty by digital artist @isotonic_lab on Twitter and decided this needed to be animated:

My Animation:

And the original image:

Kathleen Kennedy confirms Old Republic movie will be made!!

GUYS… GUYS THIS IS HUGEEEEE NEWS! For the longest time, I have been waiting for this to happen. As some of you may know, I was a very dedicated SWTOR player and only stopped playing it last year. Well, I’ve actually just resubbed again because this news has really got me so happy! This is like a dream come true – I can’t believe they’re going to finally be making a movie set in the Old Republic timeline!

COULD WE REALLY GET A DARTH REVAN STORYLINE??? OR EVEN DARTH MALGUS OR MALAK?? Or maybe a Satele Shan story about how she became a Jedi Master? There are so many great characters from this timeline… but my biggest hope is that they cast Keanu Reeves as Darth Revan – like, how cool would that be??? What do you think about this news? It’s incredible, right?


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