Adobe Create Tutorial – Neon Effect in Photoshop

I’ve created neon effects before but that was just for outlining other images to add something to it and make it “pop” a little. This simple tutorial (it really is the easiest one I’ve done) uses a similar technique but uses a little masking as well to make the overall effect look more realistic on the image.

Here’s the before stock image:


This is my finished edit:


The adobe tutorials are also really good for beginners because they usually provide the stock photos for you for free as long as you’re only using them for this tutorial. But isn’t it amazing how a simple masking effect using blend modes in Photoshop can create something quite cool. I’ve always wanted to learn this technique ever since I first saw it used in a graphic design poster on Pinterest.  And now I know how it’s done!


Time: 5 minutes

Level: Beginner

Comment: I can’t really say anything bad about the Adobe tutorials other than they do move really fast through the techniques so if you’re just starting out, be ready to pause a lot as you go. But these tutorials are made with beginners in mind and they do advance in level as well so you know that you’re not biting off more than you can chew. The added bonus is there is a video clip to watch if you learn better that way or you can follow along step by step with the written instructions.

Rating: 10/10




Luke Skywalker’s Light Saber – Giclee Art Prints by DigitalTheory on ETSY

So I wasn’t feeling 100 percent when I got home from work and really just wanted to curl up in front of my TV in my PJs with a hot cup of Milo but I wanted to make at least one quick edit after seeing this amazing art work from DigitalTheory – you can check out his work on Etsy

Here’s the original art (no edits at all) which you can buy from his store as Giclee Art Prints


and my edit after adding a few pretty light animations to it – I think it compliments the beautiful art just right 😁

il_fullxfull.846530323_jxk7 (1000px, 25fps).gif

Star Wars Edits – The Mandalorian Sketch Edit

I’ve spent a lot of time today (as it’s a public holiday) looking around for Graphic Design resources and came across this Photoshop Action from Adobe which can transform your photo/image into a sketch. It’s a very complex process with multitudes of layer adjustments and changes. There are a lot of apps online that you can use to do a similar thing but I don’t think they always do a very good job of transforming the image. Photo Manipulation is an artform all of its own and I trust Adobe for pretty much everything photo related these days.

The original image is from Carl Milner’s blog because his blog is awesome!

Here’s the image unedited:


And the edited version: