My Star Wars Gifs and Edits

Dune 2020 Edits and Motion Art

After seeing the newly released images of Dune featured on the Vanity Fair website, I decided to have some fun with them and create some edits. I’ve been toying around with a couple of ideas and finally came up with the following.

I used some of the techniques I’ve just learned to add colouring and mask out the other subject in the image, so Paul Atreides is standing alone. I think this is a powerful image, and I enjoyed making it.

Edited by Darkside Creative

I also wanted to use the newly transparent image I had created of Timothee Chalamet in a motion art animation. I toyed with a few ideas and different designs and came up with this:

Created by Darkside Creative

I knew that I wanted to feature Paul and the official Dune logo and lettering in the same image. And I really wanted to showcase the sun of Arrakis surrounding Paul but also making him a part of it. And of course, the Dune lettering in the background completes the image.

EDITOR UPDATE: I added this late, sorry to anyone that may have been looking for this image. It’s online now! Enjoy.

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My Star Wars Gifs and Edits

Dune 2020 Part II – Vanity Fair’s Coverage is Amazing

I don’t subscribe to Vanity Fair but whenever they cover the world of film and television, they really do a great job. I remember how well the articles for Star Wars were promoted for every year that they covered it. I might just have to bite the bullet and finally subscribe.

If you want to read the rest of Villeneuve’s Dune coverage, you can do so here. I won’t rehash what has already been written so beautifully. But since this is a creative blog and the majority of people on planet Earth are driven by visual stimulation, I’ve uploaded these images from the article.

They’re just amazing. What do you think? Will you be a Dune fan come December?


My Star Wars Gifs and Edits

First Image of Timothée Chalamet in Dune!

I wrote an article about the connection between Dune and Star Wars some time ago. I initially wrote it for a website I no longer write for, but they never published it. So I polished it up significantly and published it for Medium. It was my first film-related article on Medium, and it was curated the next day. It might even get more traction now that the promotional run for Dune has finally begun.

Being the huge Star Wars fan that I am, Dune also has a special place in my reader’s heart. While the 1980s movie wasn’t really all that good, I am holding onto hope that Denis Villeneuve’s version will shatter the previous film’s records and maybe even push its cast and director into the Star Wars fandom’s hemisphere.

If you don’t know anything at all about it, feel free to read my article on Medium (and you’ll be supporting me as a writer at the same time).

Here’s the image scooped by Vanity Fair. It’s a very sombre image, the colour palette is giving off a melancholy feeling about it. And Paul Atreides looking downward reinforces the overall feeling of this photo. It’s beautiful.

EDITOR’S NOTE – I just realised why this image looks the way it does. HUGE SPOILER if you don’t know anything about the story behind Dune, don’t read this!

This is actually the last time Paul Atreides will ever see his homeworld. I haven’t read the other books so I have no knowledge of what happens after the movie. But as far as the previous movie-adaptation goes, this is his last moment on Caladan. Sniff.

Source Vanity Fair

Here is the link to their article. They also teased that they would be releasing their promo of the film in tomorrow’s copy! You can bet I’m going to be there waiting for it.

Are you excited? Let me know in the comments!