One Step Closer

General Hux’s private quarters was on the top floor. Before I could access it, I had to use the intercom so that the guards could see who I was. My hand was shaking as I held down the button.… Read More One Step Closer


“What’s wrong? I thought you liked pain, I thought you liked… bruises”… Read More Encounter


But those eyes, so blue. His skin, his hair, and those lips…… Read More Connection


The training on-board the Finalizer is brutal and exhausting. But I like seeing the bruises on my body. Bruises mean progress and that’s why I’m here.… Read More Bruises


“You are a weapon, my young cadets. You are the weapon that will destroy all who oppose us. You are the weapon that will forge a new Galaxy, a galaxy where order will be restored!”… Read More Induction