If you are a Manager…

You should heed your words. You are supposed to be leading by example. In what world do you think it’s ok to talk badly about one of your staff to their teammates? It’s not okay, and you are an unprofessional PoS 😞

For anyone wondering, I am talking about a friend, not myself 😊


Star Wars fans; will they ever get along?

I do not identify with any one-star wars fandom group. I am not a “reylo” supporter nor am I anti reylo. I don’t think any trilogy is necessarily better than any other. I am a Star Wars fan without boundaries. I choose to love it all, come what may. Which is why I guess I never felt like I belonged on social media because I never really agreed with any particular group.

I think it’s sad when something you love turns on itself because people believe what they have to say is right and therefore everyone else is wrong. That’s just silly because nobody but the creators can have that honour and even then, they probably wonder about it.

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The End of the Skywalker Saga is upon us…

And I have no words… via @jjabrams on Twitter.

@work We have a team meeting next week

My immediate thought is they’re going to be announcing the changes in the management team. If this is all that they advise us of, that’s cool, but the last few meetings we’ve had as a team were awful for us. So as you can imagine, there’s a fair bit of anxiety about this meeting. I’m not losing my mind with stress or anything but yeah, the feeling is there, and I doubt it’ll ever change because nobody can be trusted. That is honestly how I feel about it.

I like writing about it because it really helps me to get these feelings of doubt and insecurity online. I feel better already.

@work One of our managers is leaving

We were advised yesterday by our TL that one of the department managers is leaving us. On a personal note, I can’t help but feel a little relieved about this because this manager was someone I thought had my back and I was wrong. So all the crap that went down last year in our department was partially his decision. Although I mostly blame myself for putting my faith in the wrong person. I guess that justifies why I feel relieved he’s leaving. Continue reading → @work One of our managers is leaving