Hux Part 2

I’ve seen a side to General Hux that is dangerous and menacing. A side of him that he seems to share openly and without regret. Could he be the perfect man? … Read More Hux Part 2


The training on-board the Finalizer is brutal and exhausting. But I like seeing the bruises on my body. Bruises mean progress and that’s why I’m here.… Read More Bruises

Hux Part 1

Nobody would believe that General Hux hand-picked me to join his crew… me!… Read More Hux Part 1


It doesn’t feel real. In one week I’ll be onboard The Finalizer. I never dreamed I’d get this far.… Read More Achievement


Our recruit group was now a group of seven down from 10. Two members of the group had left (that’s what we were told anyway) and one was missing. … Read More Countdown