I collect a lot of the Black Series figurines and it’s actually one of my favourite types of star wars collectable to collect. So the art for these figurines is of course, also pretty up there with some of my favourite star wars art. Gregory Titus is an amazing artist, and his artwork for The Black Series really brings the characters to life.

Speaking of bringing to life, here’s one of Gregory Titus’ pieces for The Black Series, with a little special addition by me πŸ™‚



I’ve recently become a “Wallpaper Engine” inductee – I’m taking my motion art and gifs to the next level and trying to recreate them as actual backgrounds or “wallpaper” for everyone to enjoy. I was put onto the idea by someone who left a really nice comment on my Instagram page some months ago. Initially, I didn’t think my motion art would work with wallpaper engine but I’ve revisited the idea and my first wallpaper is ready to go – what do you think? It’s big enough for 4K resolution monitors (I’ve actually got this wallpaper working on my PC and it actually looks amazing in 4K resolution).

I took the concept for this from an original edit found on Reddit and I kinda went with it from that image – I removed the text, edited the image extensively in Photoshop and then added the animation for the final result***EDIT*** The full resolution image actually broke WordPress and wouldn’t display so I had to edit it down to 1080p:


While I was creating stuff I also updated this gif I posted some time ago by adding the lightsaber effect to the image (original art by Eddie H)

KYLORENBYEDDIEH (846px, 25fps)

Enjoy friends πŸ™‚



It’s more fun creating stuff than it is thinking about real life crap so I’m going to keep doing this for a while… here, have some pretty Kylo Ren πŸ™‚


You know those days when you just feel awful and you just want to go straight back to bed but you can’t because you’re an adult and you have to do adult life things like work?

I’m having one of those days.

Although I just received an update on my preorder KYLO REN TLJ figurine and I’m not surprisingly, feeling a tad better because this gorgeousness will be on my desk in 3 to 4 weeks πŸ˜πŸ˜€

You will be mine!

Ok, I take it all back. I will forever be a child in an adult body πŸ˜‚πŸ˜