Kylo Ren and Rey – Darkside, Lightside, The Glowing side!

I found this beautiful art by Kasiopea on Tumblr and instantly saw this image as two separate images both black and white with a mysterious “glow” around the outside. Don’t ask me why I saw that, that is just what popped into my head! Obviously, the original is perfect and beautiful and awesome, but that is what I saw, so I had to at least try and make it happen.

I wanted to learn this technique for a while after seeing it in action on Tumblr (a lot of people use this technique to make their otherwise dull and bland images or quotes come to life). It’s so simple, I almost cried 😂 (but seriously) – it’s really easy.

I’ll be writing a neat and quick tutorial post about it soon but until then… and here it is in practice:





And the original art:



Kylo Ren Portrait Quote – Edit A Day

As I promised myself to try and do one edit a day while learning new Photoshop skills, here is my edit for today. This is a very nifty and cool looking edit you can do really easily in Photoshop.

How to Create a Portrait Quote in Adobe Photoshop


Time: 10 minutes

Level: Beginner

Comment: Really easy to follow steps

Rating: 6/10

My edit – I initially used a different image for Kylo Ren but couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted so I swapped out the image for this one and got it done very quickly

Do you think you could try this tutorial?

Here’s my edit:


Kylo Ren Wallpaper transformed into Motion Art

I found this awesome wallpaper of Kylo Ren while browsing the internet for Star Wars content and I just fell in love with it so I decided to animate it for my “Edit A Day” project. I actually really like how it came out, too.

What do you think?

Here’s the original high definition image:


And the animated version:

KYLORENEDIT19 (1080px, 15fps).gif

Rey and Kylo Ren Edits completed

Going back to my first edit, I wanted to replicate a graphic I saw on Pinterest and see how close I could come to recreating the effect in Photoshop.

I finally decided on the companion graphic for the Kylo Ren one I made the other day and here it is: Rey of Jakku


And the final Kylo Ren edit:


Completed Kylo Ren Edit – An Edit a Day

So I played around with the original edit I did for Kylo Ren yesterday, and I’m pleased with how the image came out in the other edit, but I think these new dimensions look pretty good. I might still create a quotation edit later with the original image.


I am working on a companion edit for Kylo as well which I hope to have done tomorrow 🙂

Kylo Ren Edit – Using Brushes!

I have not had much practice using brushes in Photoshop and I don’t know why I have never really bothered until now because brushes are awesome fun! So playing around with layers, colour and typography for this image took me some time. I tried to replicate something I found on Pinterest but I couldn’t find the exact font type and had to make due with one that I thought was close to the font used in the image.

Here’s the image I tried to replicate:


And I created a composite from an old Adam Driver image from The Force Awakens table read and combined that with text and a swish of colour using brushes:


There are obvious differences, mostly the text and I’m thinking the text used in the original image is made by the designer, I couldn’t find any fonts closer to it than the one I used. I think the “swish” of red across Adam Driver’s face really makes the text stand out. Now all I have to do is figure out some words to go along side it and maybe resize it a little.

To be continued…

My Kylo Ren Vanity Fair edit

So I got a little carried away with my blog posts earlier today because I was so hyped and excited for the new images and when the updated textless images were uploaded, well…  I could hardly keep my excitement in check. I just had to post them and post them I did! Well, I spent some time thinking about an edit for the Kylo Ren image because Kylo is my fave 😍🥰 and this is what I came up with: