Star Wars Art Edits – Rey and Kylo Ren

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My animation of Rey Art by Ilafox on Tumblr

The Darkness and The Light Galaxy of Heroes art


The Last Jedi – How could Snoke not see his own demise coming?

So Snoke can control and manipulate Ben Solo (as a Padawan) through space, can fashion the force as a communication tool between Rey and Kylo Ren but he couldn’t see Kylo’s deceit when he was in the same room?

Help me out please, how could this happen when Snoke was a very powerful force user? So the obvious argument is that a) Snoke wasn’t controlling the Force when he said he was and lied about this to Rey and Ben. Ok, but what about his connection through the Force with Ben Solo? Luke confirmed that he could already see the darkness taking hold of Ben so we can only assume Snoke was already partially controlling Ben and shaping him into Kylo Ren.

And yet he couldn’t protect himself from Kylo’s betrayal in the Throne room. I’m guessing Snoke wasn’t as powerful as he wanted people to think he was, which makes sense. What do you think?

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Star Wars Episode IX SPOILER images!!

I could not let this go because I was dying to blog about it at work on my break and ran out of time when I saw the images on Reddit. But guys, these images are based on the previous Episode IX leaked images from earlier this week. One Redditor has done an excellent job in Photoshop of piecing together what he thinks both Richard E. Grant’s character and Kylo Ren will look like in Episode IX: IS this awesome or what?

Bear in mind, these images are based on concept art which may not even get used in the final cut of the film but still, how awesome 🙂


Star Wars Art – Artist of the Month: John Burns

The @realjburns is another of my favourite Star Wars artists. I follow his work on Tumblr and Instagram and try to spread his Star Wars talent around as much as possible. Here’s one of his latest images, posted today on his Insta – cool huh?


Star Wars Art of the day – Kylo Ren

How beautiful is this? I can’t even credit it because I can’t read the signature on the image. If you can, let me know but I’m in love with this ❤❤❤💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤