DAY #12 – Your Favourite Childhood Book

The very first book I can recall owning was “Where the Wild Things Are”… it’s possible there were others but this is the first book I remember getting from the Book Club and I loved it. I also loved the idea of being in a book club as well, I remember that feeling vividly. And my Dad was proud of my reading and writing skill, I remember that too.

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We were given our new teamwork allocation list. I have been put on Outage Management twice, and ticket allocation. These tasks are a big responsibility, you need to manage any major outage that may occur during your shift – for the entire residential sector. Would you allocate this task to someone deemed even remotely incompetent? Lol… you can see why I find this whole process has been a fucking joke.

Hello Friends. So you may recall that I applied for a job in the industry I want to move into and I had the interview last week. I received an email today, not the email I thought it could be but an email apologising for the delay and that they’ll have a decision by the end of the week. I don’t know if that means an actual decision (because I was told that the process would be moving into the second interview stage this week) on short listing or an actual final decision and they’ve skipped the second interview process entirely.

I doubt they would do that, but if there’s one rule to job hunting, seeking and procuring it’s that “anything can happen” and that’s how I’ve always looked at job hunting, you know, to save my sanity (and everyone else’s for that matter) 😂

DAY #10 – Best Trip of Your Life

I can’t actually choose because I have two that rank the same in my life – the first is when my Dad took all of us to see snow for the first time. Where I live it doesn’t snow so as you can imagine, it was like a dream seeing snow for the first time and throwing snowballs at my Dad.