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SWCU – The Book of Boba Fett S01 Episode 06 Review



Welcome fellow Star Wars fans to another update/review and discussion. I say discussion because there is something I wanted to discuss regarding the latest episode separately. I am keen to see what my readers think because my Instagram readers are all a mixed bag of views on this.

So here’s the question which you can think about while I pick apart episode six of The Book of Boba Fett. The question is (only for those that have seen it obviously) “Do you think the latest episode was purely fan-service or do you think it was genuinely entertaining?”

On with the review – so there will be spoilers (if you managed to not read my spoiler banner above, you should click away right about now). I went into this episode completely unaware of who would be in it. I had a feeling already that Grogu might reappear because of The Mandalorian’s path heading right back to him again. This means that Luke Skywalker could also appear. But there were two other characters that were also very exciting to see which I didn’t know about being Ahsoka Tano and Cad Bane.


Some fans are criticising this episode saying the script was seriously lacking and relying on “fan service” to appeal to the fandom. Did we need to see Luke Skywalker for this story to progress? Absolutely! I believe Luke being who he is (and his importance), it’s inevitable that the story of Boba Fett AND Din Djarin would include him. Luke is on the precipice of creating the Jedi Academy which was or is a huge deal in Legends lore. I am not sure where they’ll go with Luke’s story. But the fact that he’s in this show is a good indication of where Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau (and the other writers) might be going with Boba Fett and even Mando’s storylines.

Boba Fett may not be in every episode of his show but that doesn’t mean it’s not his story. I understand why some fans are a little unhappy about all of these huge Star Wars characters appearing in his show. But perhaps there is a good reason for it? I think as an audience we need to have a little more faith in the creators and their processes. When I read comments about this episode I see fans calling out the series as not being about Boba Fett at all. And I understand that too. But I am going to push those comments aside and focus on what may lie ahead; kinda like Luke does 😄😃 And I find that to be really exciting!

“All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was.”

We also see other minor characters reappearing like Cobb Vanff who has quickly become a fan favourite. Timothy Olyphant does a fantastic job as the “western” Sheriff looking after his people in the middle of the dune sea. What happens to him is HUGE as well but nobody even talked about that😅. Everyone focused on the lack of Boba Fett and the other characters showing up.

Did anyone even care about Cad Bane?? He’s only one of the most skilled bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe!

It’s not silly for the writers to want Luke, Mando and Boba all in the same show. This is completely new territory for the creators and writers. Nobody really knows what happened after the years that followed the Rebellion in Ep 06. There is a huge amount of time after Vader’s death and the new Jedi order being created by Luke. They are merely trying to write the best story that cohesively joins all of the main characters of their shows together.

My final comments are really nothing more than advice if anyone wants to take it. And that is if you’re dead-set as fans to dislike where Boba’s story is going, you’re probably not going to like what happens next. From what I’ve read, Boba’s story was only ever meant to be one standalone season. And could explain why they’ve got so many other characters involved.

So that’s it from me for another episode – please tell me what you thought and loved about this episode! I will be in the comments as always. MTFBWY! Have a good weekend 😄😃

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Star Wars Cinematic Universe – Who Do You Want to See in the Book of Boba Fett?

With The Book of Boba Fett just around the corner, there has been a lot of speculation about what could happen in the first season. Perhaps what’s most important to fans is not so much what will happen but WHO will be featured in the show.

There are a lot of possibilities, probably too many to name given Boba Fett’s fate after Return of the Jedi. I mean the writers literally have free reign to write whatever they want. Nobody can turn around and say “but that can’t happen” because nobody knows – it’s completely uncharted territory. To a writer, that might be an amazing opportunity to have Boba Fett do just about anything. But to the fans, there is bound to be something they won’t like about our newly returned Boba Fett and his new show.

To be honest, I am not the biggest Boba Fett fan. It took a while for me to warm up to the character. I mean I get it, I see the mystique of the bounty hunter as alluring and interesting. But I’ve never really been into the bounty hunter’s as a whole. For me it’s mostly all about Luke and Anakin lol – what can I say? I am a Skywalker fan girl 🥰😘


That said though, ANY star wars I can get is an opportunity to celebrate the fandom I love. And like all those other fans that might not necessarily be huge Boba Fett fans, it’s also an opportunity to (hopefully) see other characters I love.

Will that mean Luke Skywalker might make a comeback in BoBF? It’s possible right? I mean if they’ve already re-introduced him in The Mandalorian, it’s entirely possible he could show up as a side character the way he did in The Mandalorian. I mean, Luke showing up would just STEAL the show so there’s no way they’d do anything more with him other than a flashback sequence or a random encounter.

Then there’s everyone else that was alive at the time. We probably won’t see Darth Vader because he died and he’s also going to be featured in the Kenobi show. But there were a lot of characters still alive during this period in the timeline.

If I get to see more of Luke in any capacity, I’m going to be so happy! If I don’t, I’ll still be happy because it’s Star Wars. Let me know who you want to see in the Book of Boba Fett – maybe someone unexpected? Let me know in the comments, friends!

Catch you in my next post – stay safe out there 😁😀

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My Star Wars Gifs and Edits

New Luke Skywalker Edits December 2021

I’ve slowly been moving back towards making art with Adobe products which I used to do a lot more regularly. With everything that happened this year, I’ve actually stopped doing many things I used to do with vigour. Things like editing and making art in Adobe Photoshop.

So again, I can’t promise I’ll become more regular, but I’ll try. When you feel awful and tired all the time, it’s hard to be creative. But art has always been a reprieve for me. With that in mind, here are a few edits I did recently:

Luke Skywalker Edit #1

Art by Sergio Gomez Silvan. Edited by me.

The image above is from the book Star Wars The Secrets of the Jedi by Marc Sumerak and Luke Skywalker. Here’s the caption that I added to this on social media:

“The Jedi Order is dead. All that’s left now are legends. ⁠
Or at least that was supposed to be the case. My name is Luke Skywalker and had everything gone as I planned, I would have been the last Jedi”…⁠

– Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker Edit #2

Credit: Lucasfilm Edit by Me

The image above was a random one I found via Google, and I really liked it. The original is poor quality (which is why it’s all scratchy looking and grainy). I basically edited the image with filters and duotones and then added text using the same duotones from the picture, and voila! There was also text on the bottom of it that I edited out.

This is one below I did today, and I really like it because I started off with a completely different idea in my head. I saw a tutorial online that I wanted to replicate, but I ended up ditching it and using a few elements from it, like the flower. Then I got this idea in my head that Luke’s flower and colour would be blue. I combined them with the Rebel Alliance symbol and Aurabesh text saying “Hope,” and there you go!

Luke Skywalker Edit #3

“Luke is Hope” – EDIT by Me

And that’s it for today, my friends. Have you been up to anything creative lately? Let me know in the comments or just hit me up anyway 😄😁

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Did Dave Filoni Cause Yet Another Schism in the Star Wars Fandom?

I found out about this online fandom disagreement randomly while looking through my Twitter timeline. Apparently, Dave Filoni announced a few days ago (probably closer to a week now) that he thought Ahsoka is Luke’s “Senior” in The Mandalorian (I would say because she is older than Luke as well).

Here is a quote from Dave Filoni’s interview:

Technically she’s had vastly more training than he ever has. She’s actually his senior which is difficult for people to remember ‘cause of when these characters were created.”

Via GeekFeed

Let’s just say that I don’t agree nor disagree with what Dave Filoni is saying because I actually think there is a very high possibility that he is (partially) correct. Everyone knows that I am a HUGE Luke Skywalker fan, and I’m really not as impressed by Ahsoka Tano as a lot of others seem to be. That’s mostly because Ahsoka seems like part of the “more recent” group of characters stemming from Disney and Luke is old school George Lucas Original Trilogy. My benchmark will always be the original saga of films. Nothing will ever be better than this for me. But this is an interesting debate either way.

Listening to this Star Wars YouTube clip l I have to side with this dude, The Stupendous Wave, and his opinion. He goes into the debate quite well, takes everything into consideration, and analyses the argument objectively. So I listened to the whole thing.

He says that in terms of “power” alone, Luke is a few points ahead of Ahsoka because of his lineage and natural affinity with The Force. And I totally agree here. Being the son of the chosen one is a BIG deal. He is directly connected to one of the most (if not the most) powerful legacies in the Star Wars universe, and this cannot be denied. On the other hand, Ahsoka has covered a lot of groundwork in her training as a Jedi with masters of the force, including Luke’s father Anakin, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Grandmaster Yoda himself. Yes, Luke also trained with Yoda, but I think Ahsoka probably had more time with Yoda than Luke did. By the time we see Ahsoka in The Mandalorian, she has become a powerful practitioner of the force and masterful with her lightsabers.

If it came down to a fight between these two (which I highly doubt would happen), I actually think it would be extremely close. But that’s as far as I’d like to wager.

So what do you think about this new piece of fandom controversy? Agree or disagree or on the fence? Let me know in the comments, friends!

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Featured image credit: GeekFeed

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The Mandalorian Season Two Finale Is Here!

The behind the scenes episode of the final episode of The Mandalorian Season Two has arrived. Due to being in my time zone, I haven’t watched the whole thing yet *which most people have seen a lot of the people I follow online live in the United States*. But I’ve seen some snippets like this one below:


I’ve really liked what I’ve seen so far and looked forward to watching the rest after work today, but I do have a few questions already about what I’ve read today and watched:

  1. Why didn’t they just use the actor playing Luke as Luke because he looks a lot like him 😅
  2. How did they change Luke’s voice to sound like Luke from Return of the Jedi?
  3. Do you think they will use the new technology to continue Luke’s story from his appearance on The Mandalorian?
  4. There are many rumours around online that Luke will either get his own TV show or that Luke will feature heavily in cross-over shows like The Mandalorian and Ahsoka (especially since the time periods used in each show is in alignment with when Luke was starting the New Jedi Order and also during Thrawn’s ascendence and Ezra Bridger’s disappearance). After further research online, the timeline is between 4ABY and 9ABY, so I guess it’s possible!

So I am excitedly waiting to watch the rest and trying to avoid major spoilers (I already had two because I went on Twitter. 😅

Until then, I will write a full review of the episode in my next post, so join me then, my friends, and we can chat all about it!

Stay safe out there, and I’ll catch you in my next post or in the comments!

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