“I have a Migraine” – is this the ultimate “sickie” day excuse?

Darksider Blog Banner I am a migraine sufferer. I have been for most of my life. So you can imagine how annoying it feels when so many people that you work with start throwing around this “sickie” day excuse like it’s nothing. I wish people would just stop using this legitimate disorder as an excuse to get a day off work. There are dozens of things you could say if you used your imagination so why do people have to use the one thing I can (painfully) relate to as their go-to sickie day excuse? Continue reading → “I have a Migraine” – is this the ultimate “sickie” day excuse?


Star Wars is poetry

Darksider Blog BannerI realised something today after I spent some time looking at other people’s blogs and well, let’s just say that my blog has a long way to go before I’ll be happy with it. On a positive note, I think I’ve found a way to separate my blog content so I’ve created different banners depending on what the topic is. I’ve created a category for “personal” writing which will be the category I use to write articles like this one that is more personal and focused on writing and the writing process. My other two blog categories are mostly for SWTOR/Star Wars content specifically so anyone who is interested in those posts can search for them via tag/category. Continue reading → Star Wars is poetry

My personality “type” is getting the better of me… halp!

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Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so “A typical”. The two personality groups (A and B) are based on a popular psychological theory that we as individuals are classified as one or the other. This, of course, fails completely when you have people who share attributes from both groups, but for the sake of this blog post, we’ll just agree that they exist for now. Continue reading → My personality “type” is getting the better of me… halp!

Do you want to know how good getting 18 likes feels?

Darksider Blog Banner 18 likes?! I have 18 likes on my last blog post and you know what? It feels … amazing! It feels like I have discovered something that’s truly my own, something that I can learn from and enjoy for as long as I continue to feed the writing demon within. It feels great. And I know it’s only 18 likes… but that’s the most likes I’ve had on this blog to date for one blog post. And after being in the writing doldrums for so long, this is a really nice change. Continue reading → Do you want to know how good getting 18 likes feels?

But I don’t wanna be just another “news” site…

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When I started this site, I had plans to make it into a Star Wars blog dedicated to Star Wars. That was before I decided to share this space with my SWTOR obsession and writing (fan fiction). For the most part, I think these three subjects blend well together as they integrate a lot of the things I enjoy doing. And I’ve been thinking about the direction of my blog lately and one thing is very clear – I do not want to become another Star Wars “news” blog. That is already covered and flogged to death by so many Star Wars fans. Continue reading → But I don’t wanna be just another “news” site…

I’ve started writing again…

Darksider Blog Banner And as you can tell, I’ve posted almost every day since I decided to dedicate more time to this blog. The problem is, one of the reasons why I stopped blogging here in the first place was because I didn’t really feel the time I was putting in was worth the response I was receiving. Don’t get me wrong, writing will always be my first and foremost number one thing to do but writing for a blog is a lot different to writing snippets of information for a photo or image or commenting on an image on Tumblr.  Continue reading → I’ve started writing again…

Where did all the bad kids go?!?


As you know I started my little SWTOR project “SWTOR Reported” where I spend a very productive time in my stronghold on Dromund Kaas trading on the GTN and safe-guarding youthful eyes from abusers of the ToS. I think it’s possible that word may have gone around (maybe in the forums although I have yet to check) the SWTOR community that there is someone on DK who is randomly reporting players who break the ToS to EA Customer Support. Continue reading → Where did all the bad kids go?!?