Star Wars Image Edits – Padme Amidala Queen’s Shadow

A couple of edits I did yesterday after seeing this image on Tumblr the cover for Star Wars – Queens Shadow



Edit #1


And the final GIF:



More of my Star Wars edits and GIFs

Just posting my latest GIFs and image edits because I have time to do them 🙂

Another edit from The Dark Side: An Illustrated Story

The Dark Side An Illustrated Story EDIT01

Daisy Ridley as Rey on the cover of Star Wars Insider Magazine SE


Motion art from artist Kamome Shiraha:

KamomeShirahamaEDIT01 (705px, 15fps)

And this beautiful art from Alice Zhang:

ALICEZHANGEDIT01 (772px, 25fps)


Oh my god, I am teaching myself Adobe After Effects… wish me luck!

I’ve finally given in and I’ve decided that I need to learn Adobe After Effects so I can animate just about anything, including text. It’s actually not as difficult as I thought it would be. Once you know how to use Adobe Photoshop, After Effects is actually pretty straightforward – obviously, it’s very different to how I’ve been animating my edits, clips and motion art in the past, but it’s a great tool and people swear by it so I felt it was time.

Once I’ve finished my first animation, I’ll post it here so you can see just how much of a newbie I am 🙂

Here is the graphic I put together for the animation edit I want to do:


and yes, it’s Kylo Ren surprise surprise 😉

And here are the words I put together for the edit but I’m not sure how I’m going to use them as yet, you’ll have to wait and see 🙂

Who are you …
if not the mask?
Are you anger?


Who are you…
without the mask?
A fatherless child
…broken warrior
…frightened boy

Looking for the way home…
Looking for the way out
Looking for the balance

you will never find

… without love

Star Wars Post – I haven’t blogged much of my Motion Art for a while, so here’s one I whipped up last night


I think I have a th ing for Raymond Swanland’s art. I have blogged about his art before and he has an incredible way of capturing not just the subject but the environment in great detail (which is why his art makes great motion art).

Hope you like it 🙂

My new arty thingy for Star Wars

I haven’t blogged about Star Wars in a while but I am always doing star wars related things like blogging on Instagram and updating my Pinterest page. I still do creative things as well because I love doing it and it’s so much fun.

Here are two of my latest pieces. I’ve recently become obsessed with using Photoshop Actions – some of the results you get are actually really pretty. This is one I did of Luke Skywalker:



I love how the Photoshop Action gives the image a vintage look as well as using an effect similar to a vignette. I think it looks pretty.

This is the other mini project I’ve started, using the same image but this time using the clone brush to clone out parts of the image I don’t want and highlighting Luke with one of my favourite quotes from Star Wars: A New Hope Episode IV


Doctor Aphra Galactic Icons Variant cover edit – Kylo Ren

Darksider Blog Banner

One of the things I love doing is editing comic covers into textless versions. I’m not particularly adept at it, but it’s something I like to do. The Galactic Icons variant covers for Doctor Aphra are pretty neat but when I saw this one of Kylo Ren I just knew I had to edit it. My version is also enhanced because I didn’t like the lighting in the original image and the tones were a little too red for me but other than that, it’s pretty much unchanged. Continue reading → Doctor Aphra Galactic Icons Variant cover edit – Kylo Ren