Here is my tribute to Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

CAPTAINMARVELEDIT01 (1200px, 25fps)

Star Wars Post – The Black Series Art by Gregory Titus

I collect a lot of the Black Series figurines and it’s actually one of my favourite types of star wars collectable to collect. So the art for these figurines is of course, also pretty up there with some of my favourite star wars art. Gregory Titus is an amazing artist, and his artwork for The Black Series really brings the characters to life.

Speaking of bringing to life, here’s one of Gregory Titus’ pieces for The Black Series, with a little special addition by me 🙂


Star Wars Post – Darth Maul by Rod Reis

I’m on a mission to try and animate something every other day. Some of the better posts I’ve posted on Pinterest and Instagram are animated motion art. I’m still going to be picky with what I animate (because not every image created looks good with animation) but I want to try and do more of this because I really enjoy it.

Here’s my first comic cover animation – the textless version of Rod Reis’ Darth Maul cover art – I had real fun with this one 🙂

Star Wars Post – I haven’t blogged much of my Motion Art for a while, so here’s one I whipped up last night


I think I have a th ing for Raymond Swanland’s art. I have blogged about his art before and he has an incredible way of capturing not just the subject but the environment in great detail (which is why his art makes great motion art).

Hope you like it 🙂